Idle Hands

You know those people that don’t like to go to sleep at night because the day still holds so much possibility, there’s always another page to read, or task to complete, or something, there’s always something?  Well, I’m one of those people. To me life is meant to be lived, experienced, explored and I love to stay busy, get my hands dirty, fix things, refurbish things, create things. When I got sick I knew I had to find something crafty to do with my hands immediately. Your life becomes nothing more than doctors appointments and flare days and those aren’t the memories I wanted to make for myself. This illness requires you to get creative in that we aren’t able to actually physically do much, nor can we remember instructions accurately, but I’d always wanted to learn to crochet and what better time.  The cognitive dysfunction, aka ‘brain fog’, of this illness didn’t allow me to remember the patterns or stitches so I would scour YouTube and find beginner videos that would patiently allow me to follow along.  First I started with blankets, then holiday ornaments, then random little projects.  The blue striped blanket I suspect earned me a frozen shoulder so I had to take a break from crocheting and that’s when I started to watercolor. But here are a few of my little crochet crafts.

There are plenty more but you get the idea.  It was great while it lasted, but now every time I crochet my shoulder aches. So I’ve set the hooks down for now. Plus it requires so much yarn! Which, don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to pick out, but when you can’t drive (Vestibular dysfunction) and you don’t like buying yarn online (finicky about colors) it becomes a bit of a stumbling block.  So last Summer my once again idle hands decided to brave watercolors.  Stay tuned, in my next post I’ll share what it looks like when a person with honestly no artistic ability tries watercolor through daily challenges on instagram.  Thanks for stopping by. 🙂



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