Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


If you’re a parent and your child brings home something they’ve created at school you’ll likely think it’s beautiful, because it is beautiful.  It doesn’t matter what it is, it just matters that it came from their heart, their mind, and their hands.  Art is incredibly subjective. If you really think about it life is incredibly subjective but I’ll reel it back in. 🙂

I never took an art class outside of high school and to be honest I didn’t enjoy the high school Art class.  I was an A student on a mission to keep it that way and with Art you actually had to be an artist to get an A (in reflection that seems a bit unfair) so I struggled through the class, faithfully attending each session with my fingers crossed that the teacher would see I was trying and reward me with an A.  I don’t remember my grade, just the struggle.

I’ve always loved looking at art, specifically impressionism and watercolor.  It’s so beautiful in it’s loose interpretation of reality, skimming the surface of what’s really important.  This laissez-faire style was something I’d always dreamed of figuring out. So with ample time and a paint set for my birthday I set off to figure this whole watercolor thing out.  I watched videos, looked at tutorials, looked at images on google, and then had to embrace that my style wasn’t going to be anything like anyone else’s and that was a good thing. It’s incredibly intimidating but I love it.  It feels healing but I’m not sure how.  My brain enjoys the process.  I enjoy being lost in colors and for a bit each day my brain dims the pain alert and it’s just me, the music, along with my brush, paint and a blank paper.  Being housebound is a bit like being trapped but this really is a way to escape that for a bit.  The paper is your ‘oyster’.  The only end point is your imagination. With that, here are some of my little watercolors from the past year. Again, no training, just for fun, making memories, escaping reality.

Ordered from most recent to least recent:

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