Spoonie Tv Show Reviews And A Bit Of Advice Seeking

It’s the end of October in San Diego, CA; well it’s the end of October everywhere else too, so it’s not the date so much as the location that makes the following relevant. It’s 99f degrees outside today!! That is hot, hot, hot for this little corner of the world. It’s not commonplace for homes to have AC here, this unfortunately includes mine. So my pets and I are downstairs as it’s a bit cooler down here. This would be normal for able bodied folks but I spend most of my time upstairs in bed. Sitting the on the couch is very painful for my neck so I try to avoid it but today I had to choose sitting in the heat with heat intolerance and feeling like my head may very well pop, or sit down here, hoping that my neck doesn’t get to the point of agony. As I’m out of my element, coming up with a blog topic today (I blog on Tuesdays and I try to do this without fail so you get a true peek into my life…not just the good days when I feel up to blogging) has been seemingly impossible, my brain is mush.

So if the above whining hasn’t given you cause to click away, let me take it up a notch. I had a massage last Sunday. Sounds great, right? I had researched the pros and cons thoroughly. When I met the massage therapist, who specializes in lymph drainage, I explained that I was actually looking for the opposite as I didn’t want to disturb my bodies delicate balance. I’m going to put my cards on the table here; I have NO idea if this was a good idea or a bad idea. Ideally I would like to get better, not worse, so that was my thought process. Well about half way through my head felt like an overfilled balloon. By the end I was exhausted, like my-eye-muscles-were-no-longer-focusing exhausted, and my head had so much pressure. Oddly, the massage itself wasn’t painful. I know she was very gentle but I was expecting my painful spots to be tender to the touch and they weren’t. So I’m wondering if my adrenal glands were hard at work. I don’t know enough about that process to know if that was what was happening but I can tell you that an hour or so after the massage the pain set in. It set in like a tsunami wave washed over my body. Being the tough cookie that I am, I rode it out and then yesterday I was saying things that didn’t make sense, my brain was as dysfunctional as it’s ever been, so that was scary. Which leads us to today, I’m doing okay, not great, not where I was when I went, but okay. Here’s the thing, I still don’t know if this is a good idea or like GET a bad idea? Is flooding my body with built-up toxins going to be beneficial over time, or will be bad for my health? I have a few weeks to let the dust settle as I’ll be going once a month. And please if you have any experience with ME/CFS and massage I would love to know your experiences, or thoughts.

So now that you’ve waded through my misery, and thank you for that, I’m going to share with you how I’ve entertained myself over the past three years when I need to escape the confines of my home and crafting isn’t an option. Here’s a little list of the shows (no movies included) I’ve watched on Netflix and Amazon in alpha order. I keep this list in Notes on my phone so I can periodically go back and check to see if there are new seasons, the little notes I added for you.

Baby daddy – Netflix – Cutesy and funny. Short episodes so easier to watch.

Bloodline – Netflix – Drama. Longer episodes and intense but I loved this show.

Catastrophe – Amazon – Funny and easy to follow.

Cuckoo – Pretty sure Amazon – funny

Doc Martin – I think Amazon – Amusing and easy to follow.

Flaked – Netflix – Funny but a bit sad. Very Los Angeles, but not the glitzy part, more the addiction part.

The Fosters – Netflix – Love this show! It’s funny, and drama, and suspense. It really has a little bit of everything.

Grace and Frankie – Netflix – Very humorous. Easy to watch.

Girlfriends guide to divorce – Netflix – Very LA, but cute, and funny, and a little drama too.

Heartland – Netflix – Seriously my favorite show. I grew up on a cattle ranch so I think it hits home.

House of cards – Amazon I think – Drama, suspense, great show.

Jane the virgin – Netflix – Cutesy, short, easy to watch.

Longmire – Netflix – Love this show. It’s a series based off a book with a bit of modern day western meets Indian theme and it’s really good, in my opinion.

Madame Secretary – Netflix – A little drama, a little humor and kind of hard to follow at times but it’s a good one.

Mr. Selfridge – Amazon – Fun show, easy to watch.

New girl – Netflix – Cutesy, short, easy to watch.

One Mississippi – Amazon – I have a very dry sense of humor and I love this show, honestly but I don’t know that it’s for everyone.

Peaky blinder – Netflix – great show, dramatic but highly entertaining.

Royal pains – Netflix – They actually mention CFS on this show, wow right? It was good.

Suits – Netflix but now watch as they come on TV. Love this show. I can’t always follow along due to brain foggy stuff but you don’t necessarily need to know each little detail.

The ranch – Netflix – Another cowboyish show but it’s funny, easy to watch and has a great cast and a great script.

When calls the heart – I think Netflix – Cute show, very “hallmark” channel but sweet and easy to watch.

Young and hungry – Netflix – Cutesy, silly, easy to watch.

If you made it this far I truly applaud you! I wish I had something more insightful or humorous or something, anything, to share with you but my brain isn’t up for the task today. Again if you have any ME/CFS-meets-massage experience I’d love to hear about it. Or you have any questions about the above shows, lemme know. 🙂  Thank you for following along, even on the crappiest of days, like today.

Here are a few of my recent paintings as I continue to follow along with the daily prompt from World Watercolor Group on Instagram.




15 thoughts on “Spoonie Tv Show Reviews And A Bit Of Advice Seeking

  1. I love Doc Martin, and I’m halfway through Jane the Virgin. I wish we had the same Netflix selection as the US, as some of these shows look really good!

    Massage has always been uncomfortable for me, but I do know friends with very mild ME/CFS who still get quite ill from them. It’s not a universal thing, but my philosophy is always to listen to your body.

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    1. Thank you for reading along! And for the input. I’m terrified that I’m going to become more ill. I can do with the few days of feeling awful if it means after a few months I’ll feel even 2% better, but my fear is I’ll get worse. Well, not just my fear, I think we all fear doing anything that might make us worse off. I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say it’s a bit of a challenge staring into the unknown.

      Isn’t Doc Martin great? Whoever wrote that script must have had a great time doing so! 🙂 I really enjoyed Jane the Virgin too. I wasn’t sure what to expect but ended up really liking it. I didn’t know you have different shows where you are. :/ I’ve noticed some shows can also be viewed online at the station they originally played on, like TBS or USA. But then you lose the ability to pause. Hoping your day is best as can be. 🙂


      1. Oh dear, I’m sorry if I set off anxiety about your symptoms – I know that feeling of terror that you’ll get worse. I have panic attacks about it all the time, it’s my worst fear.

        It is so scary doing something new! I hope it works out for you either way. I chat to an exercise physiologist who is trained in chronic illness about managing symptoms, her feeling is if it makes you feel worse it’s not worth doing. But everyone is different!

        Each country has a different Netflix selection – Australia’s is about 1/10 the size of the US 😦

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      2. Thank you for your compassion🌸 It’s a scary journey we are all on. How ill must a body be if it can’t tolerate massage… Although I can’t tolerate much of anything. Even vitamin c makes me worse. Hoping we all have some answers soon.

        1/10th?! That’s a bummer😐 There are about a zillion choices on tv these days though so I’m sure it evens out in the wash, hopefully.🤞

        Thank you again and you’ve provided me with a bit of comfort in knowing that pushing myself isn’t the best policy. Hoping your day is kind to you!🌼

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  2. Emma (Not Just Tired)

    Really interesting to read about your massage – I find I am unable to tolerate them! I tried to go for a couple quite soon after becoming ill with ME/CFS (where I tried lots of things!) and my whole body just seemed to go into overdrive! Like you, I asked the therapist to be gentle, but it still resulted in a lot of pain in my body and later a flare of symptoms – particularly nerve related ones. It took me a couple of days to recover! I did try a second time (just to be sure!) but it had the same effect. It may well have been because it was too early for me to try massage as my body was extremely hypersensitive then – so don’t let my experience put you off! These days I find treatments like reflexology and reiki work best for me – maybe because there’s no pressure on the body? Anyway interested to hear how you get on so keep me posted!
    Love your list of TV shows 😊. I watched a couple of episodes of Suits and enjoyed it!

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    1. Interesting that you too had a negative experience. There’s a Dr out there that swears by it. Online of course 😬 He recommends weekly massage and says it helps to drain the lymphatic system which helps us heal. He has all these positive testimonies. I always tell myself if that was the answer everyone would be doing it! So I know it’s a shot in the dark and I also am only going once a month so we shall see. Today is day four and so far it’s okay, body just has less in the tank than baseline but my head doesn’t feel like a pressure bomb. I’ll let you know how it goes next time though.

      I love Suits. I worked in a legal compliance environment so I think in an odd way it’s comforting. I loved this type of work. Someday…someday.

      Hoping your day is best as possible!🌸

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  3. Sorry to hear about the crappiest of days with the heat, effects of the massage, and lack of energy. Thank goodness you can escape the heat somewhat by going downstairs! Praying for you to have a good week, Mishka!

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