Happy Halloween!

I’ve always loved Halloween. In reflection and in total honesty when I was younger the love of Halloween probably was shared equally between an excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of candy and getting to dress up as literally anything I wanted. Then my son came along and it was so much fun dressing him up and taking him trick-or-treating. I grew up on a ranch in the country so there was no trick-or-treating and that made taking my son that much more exciting. I have so many fond memories but I thought I’d share with you one of the funniest ones. For Christmas one year I bought my son these little round sirens that went off if you touched them. (I might mention that after we did the safety check on his Halloween candy what was left he kept in his room. He was never really into candy and we’d usually end up throwing most of it away after a month or so, so I was never worried he’d gorge himself.) So one night he was in the living room watching TV and I (have I mentioned I LOVE candy) snuck into his room and gingerly reached into the Halloween candy bucket. All of sudden all I can hear is this siren blaring in my ear! I look down and he has placed the alarm in his candy…to catch ME. Oops! He came running in…I was SO busted! We still laugh about it to this day. In reflection I am so thankful for those times, for those memories, from mine growing up to his growing up. Here are a few pictures from years past:

SF and SD Pumpkins
Divided Family 😉 I’m a 49ers fan and my son was a Chargers fan until they up and moved to LA. (Excuse the grainy photo…cell phone cameras have come a long way in the last ten years! 🙂


Halloween 88
Halloween 1988 (2nd from right)
The year he loved dogs, he was three 🙂 Cute little Dalmatian
First pumpkin carved
His first time carving his own pumpkin – Age 5
Mr. Ninja…this costume got several years wear…his choice, not mine 🙂




I miss being able to participate like I once did. I miss dressing up at work, passing out candy, decorating… So today I carved my own little pumpkin (–>). He’s not particularly fancy but I put a pretty scented candle in him and he smells lovely.


On another note, unfortunately, this past week has been a bit emotional for me. Basically I receive an email each time my lab results are posted and I can check an app on my phone to see the results. This has always been a great feature until this last weekend. I received the email that the labs were in from the new doctor I’d been to see recently. He ran new tests that I’d never had run, consequently I don’t know exactly what they are for. Well, some of them came back out of range. So of course I headed over to Dr. Google, as we all do. My search of lab test vs what the out of range meant was going okay at first, meaning yes, I know that these are out of range because that confirms the illness I know I have but then the last two…the last two have literally terrified me. I still don’t know what they mean so I’m trying not to freak out. I called the doctor’s office yesterday and asked if considering the results did the doctor want me to come in sooner than my scheduled appointment, which is three weeks from now. She said no. So I used that knowledge to talk myself back down and tell myself that obviously if it was urgent he would have had me come in sooner than the end of November. My appointment is on a Monday; I’m sure I’ll blog about it on Tuesday and I’ll let you know what comes of it all. I’m sorry for being a downer today of all days but I’m obviously still kind of freaking out and I believe in the power of positive energy so if you could send a little my way, I’d be very thankful. And now back to enjoying the day because as I often tell myself…each day is what you make of it. Today I choose happiness.

Thank you for following along. I figured you’re probably ‘pictured out’ so I’ll catch up with my latest watercolors next Tuesday. Happy Halloween!

14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

      1. Oh sorry, I thought you meant it was now this Monday! That’s me being sleepy tonight. It is true your way of thinking though. I always think if its that serious they surely wouldn’t wait. That’s helped me alot when waiting for test results. Sending hugs. xxx

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  1. I’m “precoffee” and have to head out for my IV, but I wanted to thank you for your post. (It was a trip down memory lane for me) grainy pictures, SCRAPBOOKING, and kids at halloween. I am still chuckling over you getting caught with your hand in the candy bowl. One year I had taken a small group of my daughters friends out trick or treating and I asked any of them if they had a butterfinger. I offered to give them a quarter for a butterfinger. As we were packing it up to go home, all the girls handed me there butterfingers and wanted to be paid. $7.50 in total. That is so not what I meant….smh

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  2. I hope all your tests ultimately turn out OK, and that there is nothing really scary in there. You have all my best wishes! Love your jack-o-lanterns as well Halloween stories!! I love Halloween too — I love dressing up, passing out candy whenever I can, visiting haunted houses, carving pumpkins and painting Halloween paintings! Here’s a video I made for Halloween with some relevant paintings (wrote the poem for it too) >> http://play.smilebox.com/SpreadMoreHappy/4e4455334f4467334e7a553d0d0a?title=A%20Halloween%20Night&image=4e4455334f4467334e7a553d0d0a.jpg 😀 Hope you get some fun out of that!!

    In other news, I am nominating you for the Real Neat Blog award, because your blog really is super neat!! I am so glad we connected and I would love more people to discover it. I would love to see your responses, if you choose to do this. 🙂

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    1. Your video! It’s great! The paintings are beautiful, the poem is clever and the music was just scary enough for suspense!👻💀 Thank you for sharing with me.😊

      And thank you for the well wishes.😊 I’m trying to stay in the right now as best as I’m able. Isn’t it something how we sometimes think, what next?! And then something worse comes along and you realize it was better than you thought. Life…always a teacher.

      And lastly, thank you for the nomination!! I look forward to seeing your answers and responding. 😊 I’ll definitely let you know when I do!

      Hoping your day has been kind to you🌸

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  3. Emma (Not Just Tired)

    Ahh, I’m sorry to hear you have to wait on some results. There’s nothing worse than waiting is there. Try not to worry, although I know it’s easier said than done. Like you, I really do believe that if it was anything urgent they’d want to see you as soon as possible. In fact I’m sure they would.
    Loved reading about your Halloween memories. So precious 😊. Fab photos too. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you as good a week as possible x

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    1. Thank you for the support and compassion🌸 it means a lot!

      When your little one is little it’s all very in-the-moment but reflecting on those years later is just wonderful. You get to remember the heartwarming moments without all the hustle and bustle.😁 Hoping your kiddo is feeling better and better! 🌼

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