Dancing In The Rain

To follow below is a little poem I’ve been writing here and there. This post holiday flare is one of my worst yet. I’m posting from my phone, which I’ve never done, so my apologies if it’s a jumbled mess. I’ll fix it when I’m able to get back on the computer.

Dancing in the rain

It looks like rain
The kind that brings more pain

My calendar is now completely bare
As I’m in a flare

My energy amiss
Feeling rather useless

It feels like the flu
Day 1472

Focusing on today
Letting it all melt away

Entertaining the brain
Trying to stay sane

How I wish you knew
I feel completely black and blue

I tell myself this too shall pass
But I’m completely out of gas

Things feel so bleak
But I try to take a peak

A peak at the sun
A peak at having fun

All I can say is this
Today may not be filled with bliss

But despite all the pain
In my heart, I’m dancing in the rain

Thank you for stopping by and having read. To all my fellow spoonies, hugs n spoons.


20 thoughts on “Dancing In The Rain

  1. Emma (Not Just Tired)

    I feel your pain. Your poem conveys it all. It’s strange how pain can make us more expressive sometimes isn’t it. Well done for writing it. I really do hope your flare passes soon. Sending hugs 🌸

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    1. Thank you! Today is actually better than yesterday…it’s actually my first upswing day since the flare onset so I’m pretty happy about that! Still under the covers but feeling brighter. I’ll take it! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, I appreciate it. Hoping this finds you having a good day.🌸😊

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  2. Oh Mishka… it had been a while I was able to read my friends’ posts. I had no idea you were going through so much. I am so sorry that you are in a flare too. 😦 If it’s any help, I guess you already know I know how you feel. Sending so much love, and energy-filled wishes your way. I do hope this passes soon for you.

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    1. Thank you for reading and for your kindness🌸 Today is better than yesterday and that’s the best I hope for … so it’s been a nice, relaxing day. Just trying not to sweat doctors appt in the morning. Fingers crossed it’s smooth sailing. Sending you healing wishes right back! Hugs🌸😊

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  3. Hi,
    Flare ups are very unpleasant! I can empathize :/, sending you a gentle hug.
    I read your ‘about page’ & your story has elements where mine could intersect.
    I live by the sea, I too have chronic health conditions, one being Fibromyalgia & I love to craft, it is great Diversional therapy!
    FM (& its cohorts) came to visit & never left 13 years ago after the death of my beloved husband to brain cancer 12 weeks after diagnosis. I had just reached the pinnacle of my career at the time when it hit without warning!…

    I am a newbie to the blogging world, I have just started my blog teawithjennifer.blog please drop by & join me in a comforting hot beverage of your choice, add a tasty treat of deliciousness & linger to reflect awhile.

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    1. Hi, Thank you for taking time to read the posts. My heart aches for you. While I’ve not lost a spouse, I have lost both parents. One within months of cancer diagnosis. It’s scary to see and if I’m to be honest rather haunting to live with. I’m terribly sorry you’ve had to go through that too.

      On a lighter note, yes, crafting is such a blessing! It’s turned my bedbound and housebound days around and gives me a sense of purpose, self created, but it makes me feel like I’m still a part of things. What do you like to craft?

      I’ve popped over to your page and find it very peaceful.🌸 I look forward to following along. I only drink tea and water so your passion for tea is not lost on me😁 Hoping your day is kind to you 🌼😊

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      1. Sorry to hear of your loss, parents are special people.
        Yes, grief takes it toll on us…we can celebrate those who have gone with a smile though in the amazing times of joy we shared with them :). Don’t you think?

        I enjoy Crocheting, cardmaking & scrapbooking (I am doing a scrapbook album for each of our grandchildren with the time they have spent with us as grandparents, which will be their 18th birthday gift). 🙂

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