ME/CFS Awareness Month 💙

Hello my fellow bloggers🙋🏻‍♀️

Currently I’m experiencing one of the worst CFS flares yet (I know lucky duck huh) so I really have no business being here, but I do hold myself accountable to posting on Tuesdays, rain or shine. One of the problems we face with awareness for this illness is we are missing when we are ill so you don’t get a true picture of what it looks like when we are flaring. So I’ve decided to bring over my post from Instagram today. Is it cheating…🤷🏻‍♀️ probably a little but it’s all the energy I have to allot here today.

For the month of May I’ll be participating to the best of my ability in the @spoonie_village #meandmyME photo-a-day challenge on Instagram (Seaside.Spoonie) to spread #MECFS awareness. Today’s prompt is: my background & ME/CFS 💙

A little bit about me: I’ve always been a driven, happy, worrier. Life has had its rough patches for me but I’ve always emerged with a smile on my face. I guess what I’m saying is no matter what life has thrown at me, I’ve always bounced back. I’m in my 40s, okay late 40s😉. I have one child, a son who is in his 20s. My career path was legal compliance in the financial industry until the financial crash and then it veered over to patent law in a law office. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t sit still. I love to walk, create, work, and explore. I homeschooled my son grades 8 – 12 (he graduated with honors👨🏻‍🎓). So that’s a little about who I am and even though I can’t live the active life I once enjoyed, I can still be present, be happy, be creative and make the best of each day, even if only from my bed.

Nearly four years ago I woke up with what I thought was the flu. I felt unable to get out of bed, nauseous, disoriented, dizzy. After three days I went to the Dr. They referred me to a Rheumatologist as I had a history of fibromyalgia, although controlled. The Rheumatologist diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He said there was no magic-fairy dust to cure it. I now know there isn’t. He said to ‘stay in the moment’ for the sake of your well being. Boy was he was right on this one. He said it could take 2-10 years or maybe never to go away.

It’s been four years with not one day where I have felt like my healthy, active self. My world turned upside down. My life is not the same, I am not the same, but I’m still here, still fighting for answers. I’ve seen around 30 health care professionals. My labs continue to look less and less ‘in-range’ but I continue to love each day, to laugh, to learn, to paint, and to absolutely cherish my moments with my son and boyfriend. I’ve learned that life is filled with amazingly beautiful moments, you just have to slow down long enough to really see them.💙 #millionsmissing #meaction#unrest #timeforunrest #unchargeables #mecfsawareness

Thank you for stopping by! Hoping today is treating you kindly. Here are my a few more little paintings from the past couple of weeks, as well as my awareness picture for the month of May. I haven’t been able to paint as much as I’d like recently but I’ll be back in the saddle soon enough.🤠

17 thoughts on “ME/CFS Awareness Month 💙

  1. It was nice to read a bit about you! Yes, it is extremely difficult to wake up and realize your life will never return to what it is. A passenger in a car accident on a bright, sunny, and beautiful afternoon was the beginning of my ‘new normal’.

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  2. You are so beautiful! ❤ 🙂 Sending you tons of love and healing thoughts. I imagine the hearing and stress of it would wear anybody out. And I'm sorry if I missed an update (my brain hasn't been in the best place lately), but I hope the hearing was successful for you.

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    1. You’re very kind. 💙 I’m not well at all lately but trying to just patiently rest through it and ignore the constant symptoms, hoping they let up a bit. 💪 The hearing didn’t go as I had thought. In other words I was not asked about my illness or daily life. Odd since that’s why I was there. But I showed up, braved through it, and didn’t get all teary so I was proud of myself. Unfortunately it’s taken a terrible toll on me. Hoping you are okay as can be? Take good care!!💕

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      1. I am so sorry to hear all this. 😦 It is especially rough when you brave it out there and it’s like they don’t even care. How sad that we treat people so callously. I really hope things start improving for you soon. I am doing OK. . . just the regular ups and downs. Have a lot happening so I am trying not to get stressed and just take one day at a time. 🙂 Take care, sweet friend!

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