To IV Infuse Or Not To IV Infuse

As someone whose body seems to see a side-effect-list and react with, “I’ll see your side effects and raise you an additional few” with any and all supplements, vitamins, and medications, you can understand when the doctor (we’ll call him Dr. H) was insisting on an IV iron infusion, because it would make me feel “much, much better”, why I was skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against taking iron when your body needs it, which mine does. My skepticism wasn’t solely based on side effects, it also stemmed from the two other health care providers who told me numerous times not to take iron as my body would probably adversely react. Dr. H was not okay with my request to try a little liquid iron and see what happens, nope, he wanted to infuse it into my body so I could go home and deal with whatever mayhem could potentially ensue. Forgive me doc if I go home and ponder this one for a few and I’ll try not to take into consideration that your office can potentially mark up in-office infusions by up to 300%…  There’s no way you could be considering your markup over my health and condition…is there?

Yes, I’m growing increasingly anemic and no, they have no idea why. Dr. H says “I’m bleeding somewhere internally” and I cannot help but think…maybe, or maybe that’s what MECFS does, it stops your body from effectively absorbing nutrients (according to the last few autopsies on MECFS patients). My appointments with Dr. H lead to more referrals, more appointments, more tests, which I’m thankful he’s proactive but it’s exhausting. My therapist and I were talking about my disability rejection last week and I told her I just don’t have it in me anymore. I can’t fight for disability on my own and deal with all these appointments. Each experience taking a little bit more out of me. I don’t bounce back like I once did. But I knew as the words left my mouth that yes, I will be fighting once again for disability…I think this will be round six, and yes, I will attend all these medical appointments with all these different specialists, none of which seem to be on the same page. I have to wonder though, if all this stress is in part leading to my continual decline in health.

I mentioned above I came home to ponder the best way to get some additional iron into my body. After a myriad of emotions, stemming from frustration (why can’t doctors be on the same page), to sadness (what is wrong with my body), and then landing at determination (time to adult!) I contacted the homeopath I’d seen a couple years ago. She graciously and generously, after looking over my labs, steered me in the direction of a reputable liquid iron called Trace Minerals Ionic Iron and a cell salt called Ferrum Phos. 6X #4. The cell salt arrived first so I started it right away. The directions said take four tablets 3x/day. I started with one 2x/day. And guess what…my left side started tingling, hand, foot, face, neck, and of course this wasn’t a listed side effect. It scared me enough to stop the supplement, but I’ll try it again in a few days because maybe that was a fluke, I’m hoping so anyway. The liquid iron arrives today. Wish me luck for no side effects, unless they are something wonderful like peppiness. 😉 So, for now I’ve obviously chosen to not IV infuse iron, fingers and toes crossed for success with the above supplements and that Dr. H will continue to monitor my labs since I’m not using his meds.

Below are a few more of my little doodle watercolors. Wouldn’t it be cool if raw honey could cure all that ails you? I may or may not have a little organic raw honey issue. 😁Hoping your day is being kind to you 🌸 and thank you so much for stopping by for a read! If you’ve had an iron infusion with or without side effects and you feel like sharing, I’m wondering, did you feel much, much better?

22 thoughts on “To IV Infuse Or Not To IV Infuse

  1. Samantha

    Beautiful doodles! Keep fighting for your disability. I was denied 7 times before being approved. All the stress DOES make patients worse in my opinion.

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  2. Tamara Hose

    I love the raw truthful way you share in your blogs. Thank you for that! I am not a blogger and don’t read many blogs but have enjoyed following yours. I have the same diagnosis and a few others and am also fighting for disability. It’s so draining and has definitely made my conditions worse. Anyway, I strongly encourage you to reach out to a fellow blogger, I Tripped Over A Stone, as she literally just had an IV Iron infusion last week. You probably already are familiar with her blog, as she is quite fabulous, and if you’re not familiar, I think you would enjoy the insights and experiences she shares. Your crafting is inspiring to me, although you are so far out of my league, I could never catch up. Can I ask…. this is done with water color only?

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    1. Thank you for your compassionate message! Yes, I’m familiar with her blog, I’ll have to check it tomorrow. I’m sorry to hear that you too are battling these illnesses and disability at the same time. It’s unfair. Hoping for the best for you with your illness and a successful outcome with disability. What they don’t realize is how desperate we all are to get better so we can stop bothering them about disability. As far as crafting…It’s amazing what types of tutorials you can find on YouTube! I started there as I have no artistic training and was so lost! It’s just something I do for fun to make new memories to reflect fondly upon. I sketch the drawings with a pencil and then watercolor the sketches. Sometimes I use a marker for small details like eyes. It’s my opinion that nearly any type of crafting can be incredibly relaxing with a chronic illness. A little part of ones day where the brain only focuses on the task at hand. Hoping this finds you doing as well as possible.🌸


  3. Hi. Yes, I have iron infusions and yes, I feel 100% better after having them, but there is a three day rest period that must follow the infusion. I have two posts, you may find helpful. I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV! So, Too much iron can be just as harmful as well as deadly as not enough, leading to a heart attack and organ failure. This is very serious stuff, I’ll leave you the links to both posts, and you will have to make up your mind, no one can do it for you. Tamara mentioned my blog and she has been with me for quite a while! anyway, here are the links if you’d like to hear about my experiences, best of luck no matter what you decide is best for you!
    Hope these help.

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  4. I am glad you go away & weigh the pros & cons for your own body! Very wise. Not enough people do this!

    I also have had reactions to mineral supplements & different pain medication I had been prescribed over the years which I had to stop immediately, interesting! And stress just sends me into a downward spiral with my conditions. My physician gave me a vit B12 shot, but made no difference at all.

    Hoping your anemia is cured by the oral iron supplement! 😀

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    1. Thank you for your supportive words! I never know if I’m making the right decisions and it helps to have them reaffirmed.🌸

      Curious if you’ve been checked for MTHFR gene mutation? It’s a simple blood test. It can cause the body to process things differently. I do have the mutation but not sure if that’s the culprit because other people say it sounds like MCAS. Prednisone nearly killed me. Scary times. I once picked up an antibiotic my son spit out and ended up in anaphylactic shock. So yes I’m super careful.

      And thank you for the wishes. So far no reaction to the iron 🎉 Hoping this finds you having a peaceful day🌸

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  5. Beautiful art – such a cute bunny & elephant, love them!

    Each of these challenges takes that bit more out of you, and it’s not an easy decision when you can’t guarantee the outcome, so I think you made the right decision for you. If you can try other things first, like you are, then that’s the best thing I think. I’ve had iron deficiency anaemia on and off over the years. Long story short, I now have problems with absorption and some of that may be due to having a stoma, so liquids work a little better. I ended up with an iron infusion just before surgery because it was necessary to get my levels up quickly. No nasty side-effects, but I can’t say I felt massively better either (actually, I was more exhausted for a few days afterwards, then back to ‘normal’ thereafter). That said, I have other issues so perhaps if I was well otherwise, getting my iron back up would have had a noticeable benefit. No idea why my levels are so low either, and not knowing can be frustrating because it feels like a piece of the puzzle that’s missing but it could be poor absorption from food for whatever reason (rather than internal bleeding, which you’d want ruled out, but it’s a scary thing to suggest and just throw out there). Fingers are crossed for your iron levels improving… Keep us posted xx

    Caz 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Caz🌸 It is frustrating. I eat an organic, whole food diet, with no gluten, no dairy, no caffeine, rarely sugar. And still my body is like meh … iron from food? No thanks. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thank you for sharing your experience. I took a tiny portion of liquid iron and have been incredibly nauseous since last night. Just hoping it was something I ate and not the iron. Tomorrow I will try again.🤞 Hoping today has been best as can be for you🌸

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    2. I have always had low iron as well. There seems to be something about chronic illnesses that impair our absorption.

      When I was first diagnosed with iron deficiency 10+ years ago, my doctor never mentioned an iron IV, and I didn’t even know it was a thing. I took supplements for years, usually 2x/day, which upset my stomach and sometimes made me vomit. I’m used to the side effects now and finally have my iron at a reasonable level, but if I forget to supplement for even one day, my ferritin levels plummet.

      Sorry you both have to deal with this as well. Dealing with our illnesses would be so much easier if they didn’t complicate everything else.

      Also, if you’re iron deficient, you may consider getting your vitamin D and zinc tested (among other vitamins/minerals). Those of us who don’t absorb iron well also seem to have issues with D and zinc absorption.

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      1. Thank you for sharing your experience and also the heads up. I’ve noted the request to check other levels at next appt. I really appreciate your wisdom. It’s sometimes like being in a dark room searching for the light switch. The liquid iron is going okay so far. I’m trying very low dose twice a day. The directions say to spread it out, so fingers crossed those levels correct, and soon! Hoping today is best as can be for you both!🌸

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