Superwoman Immune System…loading

Thank you for stopping by today. As the season would have it, I’ve gone and gotten normal-people-sick. For those of you without a chronic illness this is when you get a typical illness, like a cold, on top of your chronic illness. I must confess though, aside from getting a touch of whooping cough, which made it’s way through my house during Winter of 2017 (yes, really), I’ve not gotten a typical illness since 2014. You might be thinking wow, that’s great! I was too, but then a couple health care professionals told me no, in fact, that is not great. Something to do with my immune system and for the life of me I can never remember what they said. Well, so maybe it’s good news I’m normal-people-sick. My only concern at this point, after a week, is keeping my asthma under control with my rescue inhaler and making sure pneumonia doesn’t settle in. Last time this happened, about eight or nine years ago, I had viral pneumonia for a month, so trying like the dickens to keep that from happening.

So with that, I bid you adieu, it’s back to resting, on top of my normal resting. Which, lets be candid, is really not resting it’s simply my way of life these days. It’s a good thing to keep a sense of humor about these things. Someday maybe I’ll write a post about how seeing the humor in it all has been excellent coping tool for me. Hope to see you next Tuesday with better news and more paintings. Happy Flu-Season-Fall y’all (I lived in the South for a few years so I allow myself an occasional y’all. ;)). 🎃🍂

A few more of my little doodle paintings. The Happiness picture is not mine, but I really do love it so I thought I’d pass it along.


31 thoughts on “Superwoman Immune System…loading

  1. I am sorry to hear you are unwell. I know exactly what it’s like though when you live with a chronic illness and then you get a cold and it knocks you out completely and you feel so run down which people who don’t have chronic illness don’t seem to get. I really hope you feel better soon. And I absolutely love your watercolour paintings in this post. The flower one is beautiful. absolutely gorgeous and they are a turquoise sort of colour. Also the snowman marshmallow floating in the cup of hot chocolate is a cute idea.

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  2. Tina Fevre

    Would really wish that you could remember what he said… never heard about that before.. I have not been normal ill since 2014 either which so far I have linked it to the isolation of the illness but maybe something else it at stake…. hmmm 🤔🤔 anyway hope that you will revover soon and that iyr son will take good extra care of you ❤️ All the best 💐

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    1. Hi Tina, What I do recall is that I’ve heard similar experiences on social media. It seems split, people are either sick all the time or like us they rarely, if ever, get sick. From this thread it looks like it’s unknown if it’s an overactive or inactive immune system. I’m at the Dr enough to catch plenty and never get a thing. It concerns me because I worry there’s all these viruses hanging out in my body and my body is just like meh, we’re too busy/tired battling with the MECFS. Who knows? Hopefully someday the mystery that is us will be solved.💗 Thank you for the well wishes🌻


  3. sending you a healing prayer…………it is a whole lot of no fun to have extras to deal with on top of your chronic illness………and frustrating. hopefully this will be a one and done for the season………bless you my friend………

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  4. Smoutess

    The way I understand it, it’s that the symptoms of “normal people sick” is a sign that the immune system is functioning normally and doing the things it needs to do to rid the body of the virus/bacteria. Rising body temp, producing mucus, coughing, sneezing etc. are all things the body does to help fight the invader. Not getting those symptoms doesn’t mean we haven’t caught a cold or flu, it’s that our immune system is just so overwhelmed, that it can’t effectively fight it. I’m not 100% convinced, but it sounds like a good theory. Hope you kick the extra illness soon.

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    1. Thank you for stopping in! Yes, I’ve heard that too. It scares me because what happens to all those bugs🤔 Hopefully eventually they get kicked out somehow. And thank you for the well wishes, the congestion has mostly departed, thankfully! Now just trying to get my heart to stabilize best it can. Hoping today is treating you kindly!🌻


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