In The Spirit Of Thankfulness

One of the things I look forward to in November are the daily ‘thankful for’ posts on social media. To clarify, I don’t make those posts, I’ve never done the daily thankful posts, but I do look forward other people’s. It’s neat to see what people are appreciating in life, and what they deem post worthy. Reading the posts also helps me to reflect on what I’m thankful for. If you are one of those who practices this tradition, keep it up! You’re snowballing thankfulness! So, in the spirit of November and purposefully thinking about gratitude I thought I’d share with you what’s at the top of my ‘thankful’ list today.

Today in the US another big election has rolled around, but if you are here reading this blog you likely know as it’s hard to avoid on any social media outlet. If you’re in another country I just want to apologize for the absolute bullying that you’ve had to witness, we aren’t all like that I promise. That’s all I’m going to say about that… It’s easy to forget that once upon a time females were not able to cast their votes, in fact it was less than 100 years ago that we received the right to line up at the polls. Each time I cast my ballot I think of the people who came before me who fought for me to have that right. I wish I could thank them personally. I hope they knew they were doing something monumental when they were fighting that fight and were able to take pride in it. The second thing I’m thankful for with relation to voting is the mail-in (without any questions asked) ballot. As a chronically ill person I couldn’t get out to the polls this year and it was nice to be able to tackle the decisions one-by-one in the comfort of my own home. It gave me time to really think things through, to stop when I needed, and to not have to experience being physically taxed at the polls. Despite any outcomes today, I remain thankful for the opportunity to have my voice heard, especially as a disabled woman.

As I’m sure you all do, I have an infinite list of things I’m thankful for, but I’m not going to bore you to tears with all that. I do want to add that I’m incredibly thankful that when a deer decided to run across the freeway in front of my son on Saturday night, while my son was driving about 65 mph, that he had the quick reflexes to slam on his breaks and that his car handled as well as it did. Sadly, the deer did not clear the front of his car, and the impact did render his car undrivable, but my son walked away without a physical scratch. As an animal lover, he was very shaken. It’s heart wrenching to have something like that happen but hopefully he knows there wasn’t anything more he could have done. You can still see on the freeway where he skidded for a longtime trying desperately to avoid what happened. It could have gone a million other worse ways, instead his car is waiting to be fixed and he is Ubering to work. Oh, that reminds me, if you drive and have car insurance make sure you have the option to have them supply you with a rental for free if you are ever in an accident. I thought that was standard, apparently, it’s not. Life is difficult enough, especially with a chronic illness, but these things remind you not only that things could be worse in the blink of an eye, but also to be thankful for what is, vs. what could have been.

I’m pretty wiped out today, my head is a fuzzy mess so I’m going to wrap up here. If you have been following along recently, my cold/flu/yuck has made its final departure (yay!) and my back is better than it was. So those are things I’m thankful for as well. Currently awaiting labs, hoping the addition of spinach, broccoli, bone broth, black strap molasses, and liquid iron are going to pull up my iron levels. I’ll let you know what happens next week. In case you’re wondering the doctor did try to convince me to get an infusion of iron but even low does liquid iron comes with significant side effects (extreme vertigo and a myriad of other stuff) for me, to the point that I can only take it every few days, so I’m trying to tackle the anemia in other ways. A girl can dream right? Keep you fingers crossed for/with me!

My latest little doodles below as I continue to follow along with the daily prompts on World Watercolor Group. Thank you for stopping by, I’d love to hear what you are thankful for, and hoping the rest of the week treats you kindly. 🌻


9 thoughts on “In The Spirit Of Thankfulness

  1. Oh gosh, what an awful experience for your son. I’m so glad he’s ok but I imagine he’s pretty shaken up from it all. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better and I hope you have some “good” days ahead. Fingers crossed you’ve managed to get your iron up too. Oh and as one who practices daily thank you tweets, I’m not sure they’re always very post worthy, but it keeps me on track!! Hehe! x

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    1. I feel the same way about my doodles! Feeling they’re not post worthy, but sharing anyway.😊 Thank you for your compassion. He seems okay. I told him not to be taken off guard if he has nightmares, that’s to be expected. Right now he’s still very focused on squaring things away with the car. And for the record 😊 All of your thankful posts are post worthy! Some days they are the most positive things I see on Twitter and that’s incredibly refreshing! They always make me smile. Hoping today is kind to you!🌻


  2. “Snowballing thankfulness”, that’s a great expression, and also why I enjoy reading other people’s posts on what they’re thankful for.

    I’ve seen some coverage of the US elections, though I’m quite removed from it all being in the UK. I feel the same re: voting though and say a little ‘thank you’ to all of those who fought so tirelessly to get women the vote. And being able to vote by mailing it in is so important to give more people the chance to get their voice heard, so I’m glad you managed to do it.

    That must have been incredibly scary for your son, and I’m sad for the poor deer, but I’m so glad your son was okay physically to walk away from that unhurt. I do hope he’s okay now and that it doesn’t put him off driving again as I imagine he’d be pretty shaken afterwards.

    I do hope addressing the anaemia via diet helps, it’s a tough one when both oral solutions and infusions give you such awful side effects. Fingers are definitely crossed for you! Glad to hear the flu has finally left you alone though! Mine is on week 4 and I think it wants permanent residency in my body. How long did yours hang around for?I hope you manage to rest up today. The little ghosty is brilliant! And the Snuffleupagus is cute 🙂

    Caz xxxx

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    1. Thank you! I was tickled with how easy it was to call and have a ballot mailed to me in three days, so easy! And my vote helped make some changes yesterday, which felt great!

      Regarding the accident, my son is a trooper. He’s a driver for work so no time for dust to settle there. Some things you really wish you could erase from your children’s life and that’ll always be one of them.

      Week 4😕 That’s awful. I’m so sorry it’s not letting up. The cough is awful. Mine lasted a few weeks. It kind of waned, came back a bit but in total three weeksish. One of the things I did was raw minced garlic and honey before a bed for a few days on, few days off. Not sure if it helped but I like to tell myself it did. 😉 So hoping you see an upswing quickly. Also hoping today is kind to you🌻

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  3. I’m thankful you’re finally on the mend! I’ve missed your watercolors and very happy to see your adorable little paintings again.
    The deer are out in force right now-one bounded inches in front of my car the other night but luckily, he was quicker than I was because I had no chance to even hit the brakes. Your son was lucky.
    One year, when I was dispatching for the state police, we had three deer/car accidents in a row. I nicknamed the deer Kamakazi because they sacrificed their lives to put the three different drivers in jail on warrants!!!! How they knew…mystery. 🙂
    Continue to feel better and I hope your iron levels are going up.

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    1. I’m so glad the deer was faster than you! And yes, my son was very lucky on so many levels. A busy freeway on a Saturday night, as you know, isn’t the safest place to be, especially if you have to lock up your brakes.

      That’s crazy about the warrants! What are the odds!?

      Thank you for the well wishes. Each day is a new day to heal. Hoping today is kind to you!🌸


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