7 Signs You’re Living With A Chronic Illness

1. Your pajama’s are likely overflowing into another drawer and if you’re like me you also have a wide variety of seasonal Pj’s.

Silver lining: Hopefully you love pj’s like I always have so buying yet another pair is exciting.

PJ Meme

2. You now have great appointment scheduling skills and have learned to write them down in several places in case you forget. You are also skilled at dealing with what happens when one reschedule results in a cascade of reschedules.

Silver lining: Not too sure, maybe when we get better we could add professional scheduler to our resumes? 😉

Appt meme

3. The things you can eat continues to narrow and going outside the list means payback, but sometimes you just have to live a little.

Silver lining: You now have extensive nutritional knowledge with relation to your illness, which likely far exceeds your GP’s.

nutrition meme

4. You’ve learned to accept that your social life no longer has many commonalities with your ‘well-friends’. Your things-to-talk-about include random new symptoms and doctors appointments that nobody but another spoonie could possibly relate to.

Silver lining: Chronic illness communities on social media totally get you.

social network meme

5. You’ve seemingly heard all the remedies and you’ve even tried some of them.

Silver lining: You’re now intimately familiar with how to cure almost anything according to someone’s aunt’s, brother’s, uncles, sister’s advice.

supplement meme

6. You swear if one more person says they’re tired like you are or they get tired too you’re going to think of a great comeback, but brainfog will keep you from remembering it anyway, so instead you nod and silently have a variety of strong feelings.

Silver lining: Patience is a virtue?

tired meme

7. And lastly you remind yourself that on your baseline days this could be as good as it gets and you try to make peace with that while simultaneously trying to do what it takes to feel better than that.

Silver lining: You’re stronger and braver than you ever imagined you could have been. You’ve faced fears many will never know, and you’ve faced them head on with grace and dignity.  


So what do you get if all seven signs are relatable? Well, I suppose the comfort in knowing that you aren’t alone. There are many of us out here fighting the same dragons, each and every day. My inbox is always open if you need support. A few more of my little doodles below as I follow along with the daily prompts from World Watercolor Group on Instagram. Thank you for stopping by and hoping today brings you smiles.



45 thoughts on “7 Signs You’re Living With A Chronic Illness

  1. What a great post Mishka! I love that you highlighted the silver lining for each ‘sign.’ Your paintings are wonderful, as usual. The little glow worm brings back memories for me. My son had one when he was just a baby and it was his favorite toy for a couple of years. Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way!

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  2. such a wonderfully true post. i LOVE to get new pjs………and to have them in seasonal colors and designs i am working on. and like Terri mentioned, I love that you pointed out a “silver lining” no matter how small that is. you are such a wonderful person and your paintings are so cute. the dove and santa are just amazing. sending blessings your way………..

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      1. It is truly my pleasure. If I have missed some of your posts, I am sorry as I so love your blog!
        Yes, PJs are the best and when I am the most comfortable and smiling is the best!
        Sending you blessings of peace……

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  3. Tamara

    Good morning! I follow three blogs and yours is the only one currently “active”. The two others have taken a break and I’m feeling quite alone. I’ve commented before on your blogs but don’t even know your name. I live in Florida and am really struggling right now. Fighting self-destructive thoughts with so much up in the air financially and just with disability crap, that I know you too just went through. You mentioned in this blog that I could always reach out, but I’m sorry, I’m not good at figuring out this computer stuff and am not sure how to do that? I love your sharing and it helps me tremendously to know I’m not alone. How would I text you if I just wanted or needed to talk? Please forgive my lack of skills in this area. And thank you for being so open about your experiences and giving me hope every time I see one of your posts! Know you make s difference in my life, seriously. Thank you for this post today. It means more than you could know.

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    1. Thank you for reaching out! I know that’s difficult. I would encourage you to follow a few more blogs. It helps in some way to see others in similar situations, even when the situations are unfortunate. It helps some of us to not feel so alone. One way I chose who to follow was to look at people who comment and follow them as they are seemingly most active. If you ever wanted to contact me you can click the contact page and send me an email. I’m going to forewarn you, I might be slow to reply but I will reply! Hoping today is kind to you.🌸


  4. Brilliant post and SO true!! My absolute favorite thing to do when I get home from work is put on my PJ’s! I have a drawer full of what I refer to as comfy clothes and now I am at the point that I will where them out to the grocery store! Being warm and comfy is SO wonderful!!

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  5. Very insightful. Whilst I don’t have any chronic illnesses like a lot of people, as a TBI survivor I do understand a lot of your points. Your comments about being tired made me smile – I totally agree, I just also generally have to add a headache and eye pain that requires more pain killers than others take in a year jus to be able to stand up straight! But absolutely, I’m sure my headache is no different from yours….

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  6. These made me chuckle and nod along to each of them! It’s quite like the infograph post I did a while ago, but you perfected it with the silver lining parts! Beautiful art as always; for some reason I try to find a favourite each time, even though it’s pretty much impossible. I especially love the dove of peace and peace, and the kittykat made me chuckle! And for the PJs, I invested in a storage box as an addition to my drawers just to stash the overflow, I love jammies! 🙂 xx

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  7. Sierra

    Thank you for sharing! I can totally relate to all of this! It’s all about the comfort. I find that I don’t want to wear anything stiff, or that isn’t like being wrapped in a fluffy cloud since my health went south.

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  8. Never associated my love for pyjamas (and fluffy socks, does that count?) to chronic pain, but at least now I have an excuse for wearing my soft reindeer pj trousers all year round. Love this post xx

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