Focusing Passed the Flare

Making a blog post from my phone is something I have zero experience with, so I apologize if it’s wonky. Unfortunately, for me, I’m experiencing the worst flare I remember having since MECFS onset and sitting up is being reserved solely for eating. But a promise is a promise, even if it’s only to myself, so I’m posting today, but just my doodles from the last week. My goal this month is to follow along with the world watercolor group prompts while integrating a teddy bear. Long term (when I’m well enough) I’d like to create a line of watercolor teddy bear cards so this is great practice in deciding what that little bear will look like. Fun fact about me: As I understand it, my name, Mishka, means ‘my little bear’ in Russian, a term of endearment. No I’m not Russian but I have a collection of teddy bears stored away because I just love them and never seemed to have outgrown that. 😁 Wishing you a day filled kindness.🌸


20 thoughts on “Focusing Passed the Flare

  1. Sorry to hear you are having a flare. When my Sjogren’s flares up I am completely incapacitated. It sucks to stay in bed when you want to get out and do things everyone else (who’s healthy) can! I hope your flare goes into remission soon.

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  2. Sophie Spoonie

    Hello! I’ve just come across your blog today and I think its absolutely fantastic. It’s so amazing that you share your experiences and so many people (I guess, unfortunately) can relate and find some common ground.
    I truly hope that your current flare-up subsides quickly and that you feel better, or as well as possible, soon. Take care. Soph x

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    1. Thank you, Terri 🌻 It’s lifted a bit and I’m incredibly grateful for every moment that isn’t the worst of that flare. It was a force to reckon with. And thank you for your kind words about my doodles. They are a highlight of my day and it’s always nice to hear they bring smiles to other people too. Hoping today was or is kind to you 🌸

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