My Daily Chuckle

Most of us could agree that a good laugh is a good thing. Between this whole adulting thing and the joys of chronic illness, a smile is always welcome, and actually greatly appreciated. Well, last September-ish I stumbled across a video that had me in stitches. I actually shared the link here in the bottom of my post but here it is again. I don’t know about you, but I want more of that in my life, so I started to follow the person who created the video on facebook. Little did I know what I was stepping into, but in a good way. Basically, he’s a comedian and a musician, who posts daily videos on Facebook and YouTube, and also goes live occasionally on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. He also posts on Twitter here and there. I can’t remember how many followers he had when I started but he’s blown up on Facebook.

His humor, with two exceptions that I can think of off hand, (and he posts every single day) is generally PG. He doesn’t poke fun at anyone but himself for laughs and he’s worked really, really hard to get where he is today. Much like several other comedic actors, he even lived in his car for a bit to pay off debt and go to acting classes. Neat guy, neat story, but best of all for me, a daily morning chuckle on FB.

So, who is this guy? Well, on every platform he goes by ‘ImBrandonFarris’ and as you IMG_4679may have deduced his name is Brandon Farris. There are also, I’m not sure how many, fan clubs on Facebook. They share content and he actually interacts here and there. His favorite place to interact is Twitter, at least I’ve heard him say that and he did like my comment once (big fan girl moment for me 😊). -> And yes I took a screen shot. 🙂

This week he’s created a scavenger hunt in which the winner will take home $1,000. So far, and it’s been several days, nobody has won. My brain fog keeps me from participating but it’s been pretty fun watching other people’s comments and attempts.

Why am I sharing this? Well, two reasons. One, it’s been a bit of a rough year for me, but his videos have brought me a daily laugh and to me that’s worth passing along. And two, he said when he reaches a million followers he’ll give the answer to the scavenger hunt if nobody figures it out. 😊 So, go check him out, he’s funny, he keeps it pretty PG, he’s sharp as a tack, his audience ranges from small children to grandparents, and he’s very close to a million followers on Facebook…so it’s not just me that finds him hilarious. To head straight there click the links above.

A few more of my little paintings as I make my way through what I’ve been calling Teddy Bear February. I love painting bears and February is the shortest month, so I thought I’d make a personal goal of trying to match the prompt from world watercolor group with a teddy bear every day I’m able. Wishing you a peaceful day.

9 thoughts on “My Daily Chuckle

  1. I am excited to check this out, thank you for sharing — I love humor, and it is hard to find PG humor and/or humor which isn’t at the expense of someone!! Love your Teddy Bears ❤️ they make my heart happy just looking at them

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  2. Something that can bring you a giggle through the tough times, like he has for you during a rough year, is priceless. I feel like I’ve heard his name before, but I hadn’t ever seen anything with him in it. Will be checking him out (in a non-pervy way) after leaving this comment! Thank you for sharing, it’s lovely for you to pass the chuckles on so hopefully others can benefit from a little laughter therapy too.
    Very sweet bears – I especially like the one with the elephant, so cute! 🙂
    Caz xxxx


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