Is it Spring yet?

And just like that, March is just around the corner, bringing the Northern Hemisphere promises of lovely sunshine and budding flowers, and for the Southern Hemisphere, a welcome reprieve of impending cooler temperatures. For many of us in notoriously sunny San Diego, this Winter has been very, very cold. If you’re from back East or the Midwest you’d likely chuckle at our ‘cold weather’ while thinking if-you-only-knew-what-cold-feels-like. I get that, I’ve lived in areas with colder climates, but you acclimate to where you are (which I read takes about two weeks for a healthy person…hey… I used to be one of those 😉). Since ‘very, very cold’ could mean many things to many people, I’ll put it into perspective. Inside my home the range has been between 60F-65F (15C-18C). Cue the fluffy socks, sweatshirts, and cozy blankets.

If you experience temperature intolerance due to your chronic illness you’ll understand my bodies ridiculously teensy ‘acceptable’ range, it’s about 72F–78F (22C-25C). Anything outside that range and oh boy all kinds of bells-and-whistles start alerting me to impending danger. No worries though, I’m very familiar with the false alarms and deal with them accordingly, oddly though even before I was sick, actually as far back as I can remember I was always colder than everyone else. One of those things that you think back on when you get a chronic illness later in life and think, hmm was that a warning sign that there was a quirk in the system all the way back when I was a kiddo? Probably. I’ve mentioned before on here how I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, but it never went away, yet I don’t test positive for rheumatoid arthritis, and it’s the exact same pain as my fibromyalgia pain and is triggered the exact same way. The only thing that’s changed with my temperature intolerance is that since MECFS onset I can no longer tolerate heat either. My head feels intense pressure and pain and my heartrate shoots for the moon. I used to love the heat, love it! So now I’m this fickle little princess who dresses in layers, owns many sweaters, sweat suits, and fluffy socks and is just so fun to be around when it’s too cold or too hot. 😊 Ask my family they will not back me up on that one. Wondering if anyone else had a temperature intolerance before becoming diagnosed with a chronic illness?

As you can probably tell I didn’t have much to talk about this week, my brain has been in hide-n-seek mode, which I’ve grown accustomed to so I’m trying to go easy on it here. I actually forgot it was ‘blog Tuesday’ as I call it. So, if you’re still down here reading my ramblings, thank you, and I’ll assume you’re probably a regular here, so I’ll share with you the highlight of my week, month! We got a new bed. Yiipppeee! I jokingly told my son, “Look at my new whip!”, because I spend my life in bed, so it’s kind of a big deal. 😊 The bed does the raise the head, raise the feet, sit you up to watch TV or eat thing, so once I’m brave enough I’m going to try it out for help with POTS. But what I’m wondering is for POTS should I raise my head and feet? Or just my head? I read about 5 inches should be good. Wondering if anyone has any experience or tips and tricks? Please feel free to share in the comments.

Thank you for stopping by today and I apologize for my ramblings. I’m cold, my brain is foggy, I’m still grieving, and I’m looking forward to Spring. My favorite part of Spring, aside from more tolerable temperatures? The blooming flowers!! Hoping to be able to be near where bunches of them are abloom, and hoping you are too. I used to love to spend the day wandering around botanical gardens before MECFS, but now Carlsbad Flower Fields is one of my favorite spots! If you live in or visit the San Diego area between Mid-March to Mid-April, the flower fields are a site to behold, even from your car. A few more teddy bears as I follow along with world watercolors daily prompt on Instagram. Hoping today has been treating you kindly, I’d love to hear what you’re most looking forward to this Spring, and wishing you a great rest of the month. 🌸


22 thoughts on “Is it Spring yet?

  1. Hi Mishka,
    I feel the cold terribly now & don’t tolerate humid weather like I once did! I am in the same temperature comfort range as you mention above otherwise my body rebels!
    I look back & realize I had symptoms of my chronic conditions in childhood too. It’s interesting that you to have noticed similar.
    I wrote about this in my post the ‘Princess & the pea”

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    1. Tamara

      Hi again! I also remember being colder than anyone else and many other symptoms of impending chronic illlness as a child. This whole blog was spot on for me Mishka! Thank you for sharing, as always!

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      1. Hi :), Interesting to think about. Someday genetic testing will be able to predict the likelihood of different illness long before their time, which they already do, but not these mystery illnesses like FM and MECFS. Thank you for stopping in, hoping this weekend is kind to you 🌸


  2. Most people don’t quite get why an itty bitty teeny tiny thermal comfort zone sucks. My main complaint is that my sensitivity can change within the same temperature. It’s 70 in the house right now, one minute I’m freezing bundling up in fluffy socks, 10 minutes later, I’m sweating, shedding clothes at random and it’s STILL 70! Arrrrghhh. I think I’m looking forward mostly to more green, flowers, trees. Have a blessed week. ~JP

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  3. Never apologise for ‘ramblings’, it’s a pleasure for you to share an insight into your life and how you’re feeling. I have issues with temperature regulation, finding myself cold most of the time even when others are warm, but often this can can lead to me overheating without realising it. Never had issues before chronic illness came along. I’m sorry you’re doing it tough with being cold too and foggy and grieving, it’s a lot to deal with so goes easy on yourself. As for the new bed, that’s exciting!! It sounds like an excellent investment 😀
    Caz xx

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    1. Hello! Nice to see you back and at ‘em. I’m sorry you too deal with temp. regulation. Hopefully the temps stay fairly comfortable where you are. I have one robe that almost every time I wear it I start to overheat, go into a spiral of oh no I’m getting a fever, then remember it’s the robe.😁 Ah brain fog. 😊 Hoping you’re recovery nicely.💕

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      1. I’m not sure if the EDS itself or the thrashiness from nightmares are getting worse, but either way the number of times I’d woken up and been unable to move because some joint was where it shouldn’t be had just gotten too high. I’m actually mostly ok since PT and don’t dislocate or sublux even my notorious weak ankles much now given specialized PT since July. But, without “fort pillow” as my Partner calls it, sleeping itself would easily have me on my back unable to move more often than I care to think about. The pillow physically seems to stop me from being able to move in many of the ways that lead to the subluxations or dislocations. It’s pretty comfy, too.

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  4. I completely sympathise with having a small comfortable temperature zone. My perfect temp range is about 17-21C (62.6-69.8F), though I don’t really mind anything lower than that. Anything over 25C and I start to wilt – perhaps because the sun gets so strong and it becomes humid here now.
    As for your bed, how exciting! It’s my understanding that it’s recommended to elevate the head of your bed in POTS.

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    1. Thank you for the link!! I was happy to see I’d unknowingly been doing many of those things through trial and error. But some of them I’d not heard of so I’ll try to incorporate.

      Wishing you a swift change in seasons! Sounds like your favorite might be on the horizon. Also hoping you have a nice as can be weekend.🌸

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  5. Yup. Temperature intolerance is definitely a lifelong thing for me! Especially the cold. I am tolerating it less and less these days. Hoping you warm up and see some flowers soon!! And then sent it to Middle America. It’s been really BAD here this winter!!

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    1. Oh no, you’re in middle America with temperature intolerance. That doesn’t sound pleasant. 😐 I’ve found that my body goes from okay to code-red not-okay very quickly these days. It makes those of us with temp intolerance sound so dainty but truthfully it’s very uncomfortable. If only we could share it for a few seconds so others understood.😬 Hoping Spring brings you warmer weather very, very soon! 🌼

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