Making Headway

A quick little catch up from me. I’m hovering near baseline. It’s a new baseline and is significantly lower than where it was even last December, but it seems to be where I’m at right now. I’m thankful it’s not even lower and that’s all the emotion I’m willing to put toward it. Honestly the loss of my furkiddo in January sent my physical health into a spiral and I’m trying to pull my way back up. It’s interesting how, not only physical exertion, but mental exertion too, can throw this illness into a tailspin. I read soon after we lost him that it can harder to lose a pet than a parent. As unbelievable as it sounds, I’ve experienced a lot of truth to that. As a chronically ill housebound person I spent every day with him. He was my buddy, my protector, my best friend. I’m trying to allow myself space to grieve and process. I can watch cute doggie videos now without tears so I’m heading in the right direction. Do I randomly just miss him so much my heart feels like it’s broken? Yes. Does it come out of nowhere? Yes. True love is dangerous territory. But am I aware that I will move through this eventually and get to a place where I will forever hold him in my heart with fond memories and not instant tears? Also, yes. So that’s what I’m up to, missing my buddy, still trudging through doctor’s appointments, and for the month of May I was overdoing my part to try to spread MECFS Awareness. Attempting to spread daily awareness wiped me out, kicked my pain levels up to unprecedented notches, and had me waving the white flag, so I eventually ‘called it’ for my health. Not a lot to report otherwise, but before I go I just had to share the good news with you below!

First great news, Dr. Ron Davis, PhD, Stanford professor of biochemistry and of genetics, seems to have found a biomarker for MECFS. It still needs more testing but so far is showing 100% accuracy. If you’d like to read more about that, check it out!

And if that’s not exciting enough, The Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Action Network posted, “Wow! Amazing news coming out of Congress this week! On May 23rd, by unanimous consent, the United States Senate PASSED bipartisan Resolution, S. Res. 225 “Supporting the goals of International Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day”. Also, this week the House introduced an identical, bipartisan resolution, Resolution 399.” The people who fought for this, many with MECFS, pushed very hard for this forward momentum and I just couldn’t be prouder of them! More about this awesome news here.

So that’s about all I have to chit chat about right now, folks. I’m feeling like next week I’ll have more to say. Three-day weekends (where everyone is home for three days) absolutely wipe me out so I’m trying not to use every once of energy I have here at the keyboard. With that, I’m off to find some smiles in a funny video I’ve been saving up for a day just like today. Hoping today brings you unexpected smiles. 🌼


26 thoughts on “Making Headway

  1. I agree, losing a furbaby is so hard but I cannot imagine life without them in it. It is worth the heartbreak to know their love. What fantastic news about the biomarker, this could really help so many people. Big hugs to you and that you have better days soon. I always look forward to your beautiful watercolors. 💕

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  2. I am holding you up in prayer this evening………..and I am so sorry you are going through all this. I have lost a fur baby so dear and beloved that I still can’t talk about her without crying……’s been 10 years……..constant companions that love unconditionally, forever are loved and missed. but, like you, I can watch cute animal videos. 🙂

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  3. long weekend toss me off as well, I love having the family time, knowing we only get so many in this life and I miss out on many due to health, I tend to go gung ho when I can then need weeks to recoup.
    I’m here tonight trying to get caught up on reading blogs, hubz has had 2 long weekends off and it took all I had to give myself mostly to family time.

    I hear you about being house bound and the fur babies be a huge part of it, I lost my dad to cancer in 2007 and became sick shortly after, but loss going forwards seems to much harder, I attribute it to not being my top self being able to handle it, as well as every loss is just a reminder of life’s fragility.

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  4. Losing your furbaby was such a heartbreaking thing to go through so I’m not surprising it’s sent you into a bit of a spiral. You’ve had a lot going on with everything else too, with more pain and various appointments. The MECFS test is definitely exciting, I’ve been trying to keep up with news on that too. Please take things easy and rest and recuperate. I really hope you can hover a little higher near the lower baseline. Beautiful doodles & paintings as always, the bridge is striking & the Snow White is very sweet! 🙂
    Sending hugs xxxx

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    1. Thank you 💕 I’m not sure you can be addicted to doodling but if you can, I am 😁 I just love it. Funny thing is I’m not artistic, I never was. I’ve always struggled with artsy things. But this has been a fun little journey. I figure long after I’m gone there will be a bunch of booklets of watercolors for my family to giggle through. 😊 Hoping all is going smoothly with you! 💕 I’m so incredibly behind on everyone’s blog posts. Hoping to begin to catch up today.

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      1. Tamara

        I couldn’t agree more about grieving our constant companions and that unconditional love. Please be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to go in and out of these feelings. They are real and necessary for healing. I can’t imagine trying to keep up with all of those awareness projects and everything else you do! Thank you for that. And thank you for the updates on new and exciting progress for our illnesses. You rock Sister!! Rest and be kind to yourself this week. 💜💜💜

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      2. That’s interesting because looking at your doodles I’d easily say you’re the artsy type (the type I’m secretly jealous of!) I’m glad it’s something you’ve got into and can enjoy, you’re certainly very good at it! Don’t worry about other blogs, take your time on it all – your health & wellbeing comes before all of that 🙂

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  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. My babies are right next to me all day too. I’ve lost two dogs in my life. You never forget them. They definitely are like people. I find it interesting that you say that everyone at home for three days wipes you out! SAME! The weeks that my husband is home in the day are the hardest. Because when anybody is home YOU are taking care of THEM! Don’t you love a day when you’re completely by yourself?? I had my first yesterday… and stress definitely worsens chronic illness. I never thought I’d get another dog after my golden retriever died because the thought of “replacing” him sickened me. But my kids begged and 12 years later we landed a golden doodle and 5 years after that rescued a lab mix. They are growing on my love every day, different from “Abe” but in a new and wonderful way. I believe we will all reunite in the next world 🙂

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  6. I have a pet at my feet as I write this, and all you wrote is so very very true–all the more so for those of us battling a chronic illness–our pets are just so constant to us and non judgmental in ways that humans cannot be. Grief comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Much love to you as you grieve this loss 💕💕💕

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  7. I finally felt well enough to pick up the girls from thing 2’s today. (you had to know i was sick to not see them for two weeks) When I opened the door snuff wasn’t barking, I had to help her into my car and we’ve been laying together for most of the day…. I know her time is soon, and I pray I have the strength I know your pain mishka and I’m sorry you know mine


    1. Oh no, my heart aches for you. 💔 With my Kaiser it went way too quickly but he was protective to his last day. God I miss him. I’m truly sorry. Sending you both hugs and peacefulness. We boiled chicken and gave him the broth to drink when he stopped drinking water. Hopefully she’ll feel better to be near you ❤️

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  8. I absolutely agree that emotions can affect our chronic conditions so much, and it’s hard to imagine more emotions than losing your beloved furbaby. I don’t know that the hole in our hearts from such a loss ever truly heals, but over time I think they begin to fill with love, instead of sorrow.

    I had heard about the biomarker for ME/CFS but hadn’t had a chance to read about it, so thank you for posting the link. I look forward to reading about it, because this is huge!!

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    1. I lost my kitty of 14 years to tainted cat food 13 years ago now and I still miss his little face. The unconditional love is hard to say goodbye to. For now I’m living vicariously through everyone’s doggie photos on IG, including yours! Your guy is great! He seems like he’s got a great personality 😊


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