A few of my favorite things…

Today I’m going to have a little fun because … it’s my blog, and I can if I want to. 😉

  1. Favorite candle scent? Right out of the gate with a tough one…hmm I’d say it’s toss-up between fresh scents and vanilla scents. My friend owns a candle company, Outer Banks Candle Company, with the most heavenly scents! When it comes to her candles I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite.
  2. Favorite extracurricular activity? Well it was walking on the beach, but now it’s probably doodling and watercolors.
  3. Favorite day of the week? There is something so beautiful about a Saturday.
  4. Favorite holiday? Hmm I guess 4th of July, but I love holidays in general. The fourth is great because there are no expectations or gifts required, the focus is on the fireworks and friends and family. I guess you could say it’s the holiday with the least greed. Greed is something I kinda, sorta, totally loathe. #overshare
  5. Favorite website? I don’t actually have one. I do enjoy Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WordPress, but I don’t think that’s what this question means.
  6. Favorite way to communicate? In writing. ~Devout introvert
  7. Favorite Youtube video? Brandon Farris videos and I could not possibly narrow to one. His videos bring me smiles and laughter every single day.
  8. Favorite kind of house? Cottage style with a white picket fence, surrounded by flowers, and overlooking the water (lake or ocean). Is that really too much to ask. 😉
  9. Favorite car color? White.
  10. Favorite baby boy name? My game, I make the rules, here are three. Toss up between Brenden, Charles, and Benjamin (Ben or Benji depending on his personality).
  11. Favorite baby girl name? Ella, Emma, and Katherine (Katie or Kate depending on her personality).
  12. Favorite thing to do when you’re sick? Chuckling … umm so my current life? Drink tea and watch the hallmark channel, preferably Christmas movies.
  13. Favorite way to cheer you up? Gift…it’s my love language.
  14. Favorite thing to look forward to? Travel and chocolate.
  15. Favorite kind of gift to receive? Nearly anything from the heart.
  16. Favorite crafty thing to make? Currently I’d say crochet, but I feel like if I had a huge craft allowance this wouldn’t be my answer.
  17. Favorite way to relax? It means ways right? Tea, a bubble bath, and a romance novel.

And that’s about it for today folks. Trying to pace my energy because … adulting (truth: trying to hold off a flare and mental exertion hits me like a ton of bricks). Hoping you have a Happy Halloween!🎃 If you feel like sharing yours I think you can copy the questions, paste them in the comments, and then overwrite with your answers.

A few more of my doodles, and the funniest meme I saw this week because my blog, my rules. 😉


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