What or where is your mental vacation destination?

Welcome! Today’s question of the day is, as you guessed it by the title, what or where is your mental vacation destination? You certainly don’t have to share yours with me if you don’t want to, or you can, totally up to you! 😊 Life can get a little hectic this time of year and I thought it might be enjoyable to just take a few minutes, close your eyes if possible, and take a little mental vacation to wherever relaxes your mind. There’s no stress there, nothing to worry about, it’s just you and literally whatever else you want there. If you’ve never tried drifting off to your ‘happy place’, it’s a great tool for refreshing or even mentally escaping difficult situations, for instance the dentist, or the lovely drumming of the MRI machine.

In reflection, I remember developing my own personalized ‘happy place or mental vacation destination’ during incessant drilling at a dental appointment many years ago, before I even knew there was such a thing as a mental vacation. I had recently been on a lovely holiday in Mexico at an all-inclusive resort and wasn’t really ready to let that peacefulness go quite yet. So, there I was listening to the dreadful drilling, and drilling, and I decided to close my eyes and return to Mexico, the perfect breezy, sunny days, the refreshing pool, a happy hour drink in my hand, nowhere to be and not a care in the world, and I could feel my body relax, my muscles let go, the sound of drilling drifting away. I learned that day that this little escape was a great tool for dealing with things that are okay to just let go, like medical and dental procedures. This process has also worked for me with MRIs. Taking a quick mental break feels like self-preservation, but also self-compassion, and I’m hoping that if you decide to try it that you enjoy your journey.

On another note, if you stopped in last week you might remember I was going on and on about how this year I might finally treat myself this holiday season to a chocolate orange. Well folks, I’m happy to say I finally did it!! Annnd I even took a few photos to share with you. I realize to some people this isn’t a big deal, but to me it felt like a big, delightful splurge! 😊 As I told you last week, for the past several years I’ve put one in the Amazon cart but for monetary reasons it loses priority and slips down into the ‘save for later’ area and then eventually slowly rides off into the sunset to be forgotten about until the next holiday season arrives. This year however, I was determined. To my surprise, I found that there are two versions, original and dark chocolate. My health conscience mind told me I should get the dark chocolate, because really I shouldn’t be eating this much sugar at all ever, but clearly aborting the mission completely wasn’t an option, and the dark chocolate would be the ‘healthier’ (insert sarcastic air finger quotes) choice. With this newfound dark-chocolate knowledge I was left pondering which one I should get… If I get one or the other, I’ll never know which one I like better. Humph. This pondering went on for a few days, yes seriously. [Did you know decision making impairment is a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome and is related to impaired autonomic control of heart-rate which is associated with reductions in basic processing speed?] So, if you are wondering if I really pondered this on and off for days, I really did! These days decision making often leaves me feeling like a deer in the headlights. Anyway, moving on to the pictures! Amidst the days of pondering I received an Amazon gift card from my dear friend (YAY!) and took it as sign to get both (I mean wouldn’t that be your first conclusion!? 😉), big time splurge! So, the pictures show each one, as well as the rather humorous instructions, which you can see I missed and didn’t follow the first time but found quite handy the second time. How were they? Oh, so delicious! Chocolaty with a subtle taste of orange that seems to linger after the chocolate taste has gone, which leaves you wanting more. If I had to choose…dark chocolate for the win. Good stuff!

Hoping you’re able to splurge on yourself in some way this season and also hoping, if you feel like it, you’ll take a moment or two to think of your happy place, relax your mind, and allow your body to simply be peaceful. A few more doodles and thank you for stopping in today! Someone needs to come and take this chocolate away from me now! 😊

20 thoughts on “What or where is your mental vacation destination?

  1. Yay – I’m so glad you got your chocolate orange! And now that I’ve seen yours, I may have to try one…. For some reason, I always thought they were those gummy orange slices (like my Grandpa used to eat) covered in chocolate. Ha ha, silly me! I love every single one of your paintings – they’re all beautiful!

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    1. Awe, grandpa memories. 🌸 I remember those orange candies you’re talking about! Those were yummy.

      Thank you for the compliment.😊 December is one of my favorite months to paint. It’s a healthy outlet for the feeling like I should be doing a million things but am not able. I still love the spirit of the holidays, even though they don’t compare to before I was sick.

      Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday season. 🌺

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      1. My Grandpa used to keep two candy jars on the table next to his recliner. One had those orange slices and the other had those orange marshmallow-type peanuts. Do you remember those? Isn’t it funny how the little things are what we remember most? I’m glad you’re finding joy in this holiday season. Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season as well!

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      2. Circus peanuts! Yes, loved those too. 😁 My paternal great-grandmother used to keep laffy taffy in her sweater pockets and always had a big bag of candy in the veg drawer of the fridge! 😁 My maternal grandmother used to eat cookies in bed in the middle of the night. 😁 My sweet tooth was inevitable! 😂 Fun memories 🌸


  2. I nearly fell asleep in an MRI machine last year. I was pretty tired that day so the ridiculously loud drumming was more like a lullaby 😂
    Returning to your holiday in Mexico sounds like a pretty perfect mental vacation. I’m not sure of my happy place. Actually, maybe I am. I still feel warmly about being in our living room in our old house when I was little, lying by the old heater with my dog on my legs, or sitting on the comfy sofa watching TV or playing card games with my dad. I’m smiling now as I think about it and write this so I think that is my happy place.

    Wayheeey, glad you finally bit the bullet on the orange chocolate! It’s definitely a big deal because after your post about this before I checked Amazon US and jeeeeees, is it expensive! This is definitely different packaging to the UK version. I actually don’t even recall the dark choc over here. Or maybe that’s because I just avoid Terry’s like the plague 😉 Glad you did it and loved every bite!

    Beautiful art as always. So, so creative. The little brownie with pretzels – I would never have thought of anything like that! Love the kittykat in the Santa hat and the doves, so cute.

    Caz xx

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    1. I’ve heard of others sleeping in MRIs and I’m always so impressed! I’m noise sensitive so it feels like a torture chamber. The CT scan, which seems like the same machine doesn’t bother me so I know it’s that thumping. 😳

      What sweet memories, sounds like a lovely happy place.🌸 My mom and I used to play a game called Yahtzee with dice. Fun memories 😊

      The chocolate orange was so good (I had a few slices of each kind) but to be honest I’ve been in horrific pain since. I knew there’d be a consequence but had no idea it’d be this bad. If I had to do it all over again I’d still do it 😁 but maybe just one bite of each. 😊

      Thank you for stopping in and hoping you’re best as can be today 🌺

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  3. I love your cat watercolor Mishka! So cute!
    My happy place is reading mysteries with a cup of tea 😉
    We don’t have those chocolates here in Aussie…But we have something similar… I’m not a chocolate lover though…

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    1. Thank you! The kitten illustration idea came from a drawing I saw online so I can’t take credit fully for that one. 😊

      Reading anything with a cup of tea sounds like a delightful happy place! Hoping you get in some reading this month. 🌸 I just remembered it’s nearly your summer. I still can’t imagine summer Christmas. Sounds great for family get togethers! Enjoy! 🌺

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  4. My happy.place.is a concert, or dancing in a field free from pain and exhaustion were my energy is endless..sounds clichen.for a spoonie.and almost made up.by 100%. True.my therapy is music
    Sometimes slow.and soft sometimes loud and adrenline pumping…mostly.in bed.with earbuds in eyes closed.drifted away.to my mental getaway. I ponder all the time
    Even at the dollar store..hubz.is often heard saying its.a.$1 dont think.so hard lol. I love.terrys we get them every yr me.and one son. I hate dark chocolate and last year am.greatful the store.stock.boy pointed out to me there was 2 versions. Id be very upset xmas morning lol…

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    1. Sounds like a lovely happy place! I love music too! I use it as pain therapy. I don’t think it sounds cliche at all. Endless energy is an absolute dream for so many of us. ❤️

      The chocolate was great but the pain afterwards has been really awful. I knew I’d pay for eating sugar but didn’t know it’d be this bad. 😬 Live n learn. Seems we always pay for what we enjoy.

      Hoping you and your family have lovely holidays 🎄❄️🌺


  5. So glad you finally got your chocolate orange! You certainly deserve it!

    This is a great question – I’m not sure I know where my mental happy place is. Full disclosure – during my past MRIs I may have thought about adult sexy time, but that’s because the loud clanging of the MRI machine didn’t really support mental images of a relaxing, serene vacation.

    These days, if I need a mental vacation, I often just think about when times were easier, like when the husband and I just rented a small apartment and both of our mothers were still alive, or I think about a quiet cabin in the woods with my husband and dog.

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    1. For years now I’ve been reading what people do to get through MRIs, some sleep, some sedate, some need someone to hold their foot (I’m that someone), but you my dear win the MRI survival tips. 😁 And thank you for the chuckle!

      Very sweet that both your happy places include your hubby. Hoping you and yours have a peaceful holiday season. 🎄🌺

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