Thank you, Miranda Hart!

Thank you for stopping in today! Can you believe tomorrow is April? Obviously lots going on out there in the world right now, actually, if I’m to be honest, it’s all feels like too much. I find myself vacillating between taking it all in, and hiding from it all, often in the same hour of the day. I’m absolutely spent but I did want to share with you a video that I saw today. If you are in the US you may not stumble across it on social media. If you have seen Call the Midwife, you’ll likely recognize the lady in the video, Miranda Hart. For those of you in the US that don’t know, she’s a witty and kind lady, who has been helping to spread chronic illness awareness during this pandemic.

Around 10 minutes into the below video she mentions MECFS. 💙 During the self isolation she’ll be donating her proceeds from her shop to chronic illness charities.

Sending you all the biggest hugs and hoping you’re able to stay as healthy as possible.

A few more doodles. 🌼

6 thoughts on “Thank you, Miranda Hart!

  1. Yes, yes & yes. Thanks for sharing this, Mishka.

    Miranda Hart’s tweet has pretty much gone viral here in UK. She is much loved & more so I’m sure now. I have raised a similar point in a post this week. Let’s hope people don’t forget.

    It is a painful & challenging time for the whole world. But many understand isolation far more than many realise.

    Stay safe & well, Mishka.💙💕

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  2. Is that a lime playing golf & drinking a cocktail? That’s the smartest little lime I’ve ever seen!
    And wow, I had no idea Hart posted this. I’ll have a look for it so I can share. What an amazing lady & such an important message. So kind of her to donate as well but her words are just precious in spreading awareness. Thanks for letting us know about this! xx

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    1. The prompt word was lime. Initially I was going to draw a cocktail with a lime in it but then I thought why not a lime holding a cocktail 😁 Not certain why but I find personifying food to be fun. 🤓

      The video comes from Facebook if you haven’t found it yet. What a treasure she is to spread awareness. Wishing we had that in the US. Although we have Justin Bieber with Lyme and Lady Gaga with FM, but nobody mentions CFS here. 😐

      Hoping you’re keeping on as best as possible! 💕 Oh and since you’d inquired – I finally had follow up with Cardiologist and my heart is generally okay. It’s having SVT. But he didn’t seem concerned so for now I’m going to stop worrying about too. Thank you for checking in on that one.🌸


      1. Thanks – I hunted her down on Twitter and found her post there too so I shared that one as well. You’re right about the lack of media around, or big names mentioning, ME/CFS. It’s amazing to have someone speak to what we can relate to and know needs more attention because there’s still so, so much scepticism and disbelief where ME is concerned. Ooo I’m glad you’ve had your follow-up and he thinks your heart is generally okie dokie. Him not being too concerned seems reassuring, but what happened with the recent episode… a one off blip that can’t be explained maybe? I know my body can experience some really weird things too that I never get an explanation for (which is so annoying!) but I guess having it on record also means that if it happens again, which hopefully it doesn’t, your cardiologist will be aware. Stay safe & I hope you can find ways to keep the stress levels down too at this worrying time  ♥ xx

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      2. The dropping and raising I think he thinks is POTS or part of SVT, but I’m not certain. It was a new patient consult over the phone so terribly awkward for me as talking on the phone since CFS is incredibly challenging. He said my heart is skipping beats (which I believe is likely what the home cuff is picking up as irregular), but he said skipping beats is common. To be honest … I’ve had the cuff for a few years and that’s never happened and it’s not happening with my partner so…I’m planning on pressing more at the follow up. I checked the portal later to see the test results and it actually showed a couple things, and the truth is my mom passed at my age from heart failure so that’s an added layer of concern. Sorry to unload on you! The good news is he wasn’t worried. So I’m going to rest easy with that in mind. Thank you for your compassion. I really appreciate it. 🤍 Because you’re absolutely right, not getting any explanation over and over annnd over really wears on a person over time. You be safe💙

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