Introvert or extrovert, we’re still in this together.

Who else is spending precious energy on reading or watching the news lately? Just me? It’s exhausting, isn’t it? I’m trying to only check a time or two a day, but it seems like it’s in your face, everywhere you look. You know who some of the MVPs are turning to to avoid it? Netflix and Amazon, and any other streaming service. You can just tuck yourself away and forget about the world as you know it with those little gems. 😊 Eventually though there’s only so much avoiding you can do and then reality begins to settle back in.

It’s been eye opening to see everyone chomping at the bit to resume their typical lives, and understandably so, it’s incredibly disruptive to have your life interrupted in such an extreme way. My partner, who considers himself an ambivert (a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features), is crawling the walls. Truthfully, he’s not an ambivert, he’s a true-blue extrovert. I, on the other hand, am a true-blue introvert, and I’m incredibly thankful for that little blessing as a person who is housebound from chronic illness. He describes his early life as an only child as lonely, whereas, even though I was far more isolated, I was never lonely. Who could feel lonely with books? 😊 That introverted nature though, at times like these, boy does it help!

When I was first chronically ill and became housebound, I realized that others, who were also housebound but extroverted suffered from the isolation far more. You can take a stroll through social media and pick up pretty easily who the housebound extroverts are, and who the introverts are, peeking out from behind their quieter lives with more subtle posts. Truthfully, my heart has always gone out to the extroverted chronically ill, it probably feels similar to an introvert having to the be the life of the party all day, every day. Rough. Don’t get me wrong, I have days where the house feels like what I assume a jail cell would feel like. Days where the walls feel like they’re closing in. Days where I sit in horror of what my life has become. But they pass and I’m back to enjoying the peacefulness in the moment. Whereas housebound extroverts are trapped in the reality of solitude and that must be simply awful.

At the end of the day, and in my opinion, this pandemic has not only highlighted our differences, but it has also put us in a position wherein we must be in this together. And it’s been interesting to watch people’s reactions when asked to be selfless, when pushed out their comfort zones, not only to protect themselves, but to protect others. Not sure if I’ve ever shared this here before but I kinda loath where I live. I’m more of a small-town girl at heart and where I live often feels like ‘self-centered central’. I follow along with the NextDoor app in my neighborhood for crime and safety, but lately, it’s only reaffirmed my feelings. People are posting about how it’s ridiculous that we are still in self-isolation, that we are tanking the economy, that we should let people die off that can’t handle the virus (yes, seriously). It’s gross. I know I should appreciate how many people comment in protest saying how horrible that is and that we are protecting those more vulnerable. In fairness, there are far more people saying things need to stay locked down, but in my opinion, this shouldn’t even be a debate. I keep telling myself those people, who are dying to get back to work, or whatever it is that want to do, maybe they are the extroverts amongst us, and they are truly miserable being cooped up. I’m not naïve, I get the economy is tanking before our eyes. I lost my job during the last recession in 2009 and had to shift out of the financial industry. My partner currently works in the financial industry, trust me, I’m just as worried that he will lose his job as I am about the overall economy…HOWEVER, can we just, for five minutes put human life first? Life will resume, extroverts can go back to being the life of the party and introverts can go back to enjoying peaceful quiet moments, but first, right now, we need to take care of one another. We are all in this together folks, each and everyone of us. The quicker we flatten the curve the quicker life gets back to normal.

Stay inside, stay home, have your food delivered if you can, because there are many people who cannot. They must go to work still and everyday they are sacrificing their lives for those of us who are posted up at home, where it’s generally safe and warm and virus free. To all of you are out there providing essential service, my son included, you’re in my deepest thoughts and prayers, and I’m staying home for me and for YOU. A few more of my doodles below.🌸

17 thoughts on “Introvert or extrovert, we’re still in this together.

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, you put words to my thoughts and I felt heard through your voice.
    Your window seat painting is outstanding…….as soon as I glanced at it I smiled………so pretty and peaceful.

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      1. you make a very good point…….I think there will be increased mental health issues popping up after “this” is “over” – especially if this drags into summer………
        Are you doing ok?

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      2. It’s so kind of you to ask. I’m okay. I’m a pretty tough gal 😊 Doing my best to stay healthy and safe, and appreciating each day a little bit more. I hate to say it but tomorrow feels less promised than before. My partner on the other hand… I came up with the idea today that all extroverts working from home should be able to option in for a free weekly therapy session through work. Just to keep the ship sailing ahead in calm waters. I feel like we’re reaching the peak though, things are sure to settle soon. Hoping you’re okay too 🌸

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      3. I am happy to read that you are doing what you can to stay safe and healthy……this is such a surreal experience that it having such odd effects on people…….I know my teenage daughters are losing their minds and I feel so badly for them as they just want to go do ANYTHING.
        I prayed for you this morning……..sending you love and light and a gentle hug.

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  2. IMO, opinions are like assholes, and everyone has one. Unless I think my opinion will improve a situation, I usually keep it to myself. I’m sad that SO many people are choosing this as a time to be KEYBOARD warriors, spreading hate and anxiety to others. I’ve even seen people say that others deserve to die. Seriously?!?!!? I am glad that you are safe (as can be), grateful to your son for working for society, AND happy to see that you are trying hard as ever to be optimistic

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    1. Thank you for stopping in and sharing your thoughts. 🌸 I agree. Nothing like a little fear to bring out people’s true colors. Not a good look for some. I guess I wish we could all cohesively work on this together, like globally, but fear and greed are far too rampant I suppose. I’ve been hoping you and your family are doing well through all this. I know IL has seen some rough numbers. Be safe you 💙

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  3. Those comments about just “letting people die” are really gross, cos you know they don’t mean themselves and others like them. They are targeted at the most vulnerable: the already ill, disabled, Black, poor, elderly etc….it just goes to show there will always be people chomping at the bit to sacrifice others for their own pleasures.

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  4. A great post. I have stopped reading comments on news articles because it just confirms my already negative view of many people.

    Introverted me should be coping well but, like you, I am trapped in here with someone far less introverted who is unable to relax!

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  5. I can relate to so much of this. I’m an introvert, with perhaps occasional extrovert tendencies, so long as I’m “extroverting” with friends, family, and people I trust. I’m not a “talk to everyone I don’t know at the party” kind of gal. So, I could self-isolate for a while. I do feel the itch to get out and enjoy nature more, but for the time being, walks with Fletch will suffice.

    I see similar comments on my NextDoor app, and am disgusted that some people feel others’ lives aren’t as important as their ability to hang out with friends or eat at a restaurant. I stay at home, not so much for myself, but for my 78 year old father-in-law who lives with us, for all the essential workers out there who don’t get to stay home, and for all the healthcare providers risking their lives. We owe it to them.

    Will keep your son in my thoughts. Hope he’s safe.

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    1. San Diego is definitely a Mecca for outdoorsy people. It’s kind of a given here and it’s shocking to have that taken away. I can relate some, I miss walking on the beach more than all else at times. I imagine once the parks and beach open up they’re going to a little busy 😁

      Couldn’t agree more, we do owe it to so many. Things are such a mess right now, on so many levels. My son had his hours cut but not enough to qualify for unemployment. So he’s out there risking his health and being shafted simultaneously. It feels very unfair. Basically he’d make more with the $600 credit if they would have furloughed him. Sorry for the rant. My point (finally 😁) is that not everyone is being taken care of, some, lots of people are falling through the cracks and to suggest that those who are already struggling should be further burdened because people don’t want to sit in the comfort of their home …. sigh… I could go on and on. Take good care and I’m so enjoying your Fletch posts 😁

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  6. Five of our 6 daughters are in essential work, one is an RN & one a microbiologist, we have 2 son in laws who are also essential workers, one in the Pathology lab as well!

    Those people need to understand that….
    This pandemic does not discriminate anymore as All age groups are being infected… there are now a 100 mutated strains of Covid19 in existence globally, that’s why some people who have contracted it recover quickly & others don’t, it entirely depends on the Covid19 strain & your own immune system!

    On another note;
    I only listen to the news once a day as it becomes too overwhelming otherwise.

    Take care of your mental & emotional health Mishka,

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    1. Sending you hugs as your heart must be working overtime. 💕 I knew there were strains, but I didn’t know 100. Makes sense. Also explains why NY is really have a terrible, terrible go, while other regions aren’t as severe.

      Thank you for your compassion. Hoping you and yours stay safe! 💙

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