California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Homebound Appointments

Did you know homebound appointments at the DMV were a thing?

Quick little post today to share something I learned, today actually. You can request a homebound appointment through the DMV to obtain an ID. It took me three attempts (several different people) at contacting them but the last time I took a different approach and simply asked if I’m disabled and housebound how do I get an ID if I’m unable to come in to a field office.

So if you find yourself in my situation, an expiring driver’s license (DL) (from back in the glory days when you could drive), and you’ve been honest on your DL renew application so they’ve flagged you and are requiring pages and pages from your doctor (which makes no sense because all you ever wanted to do was switch to an ID in the first place), try asking for a homebound appointment (if you are indeed homebound). My previous two contacts with them made it sound like this was not something that was not available, so be persistent. They told me repeatedly I MUST COME IN even though I told them I cannot. I had resigned to just using my passport card from here on out (because low and behold they are able to process your application online), but I thought I’d give it one more go.

Happy Summer and hoping today is a peaceful one for you. 🌼 A few more of my doodles below. A couple are reposts as I’ve just almost shaken a six day migraine (zero stars – would not recommend).

11 thoughts on “California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) Homebound Appointments

  1. Thank you for sharing this information……….this is SO helpful to so many people and hopefully available in other states.

    I am sooo sorry about your marathon migraine………why can’t it be 6 pain free days instead!? LOVE your troll doll painting!

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  2. I had no idea homebound appointments were available in the US, I wonder whether similar is available in the UK. Sadly it doesn’t surprise me you were told they weren’t an option. I think some agencies/services (like benefits)/companies make it their job to make the process as difficult and off-putting for people as possible. I really do hope it can be done and that it’s useful for you. What a load of extra hassle that you just don’t need.

    I’m sorry you’ve had to endure such a hellish migraine over so many days, too. That’s the worst, I really do feel for you. I did a migraine awareness post a few days ago for awareness month, and it’s experiences like yours that I wanted to highlight because migraines can be so unbearable, so debilitating, robbing us of a lot of time when they put us out of action. Sending hugs, I really do hope you can have a few days of respite and peace from the migraines at least.  ♥

    Caz xx

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    1. Yes, time will tell if at the end of it all they say no, I’ll simply use my passport. I’m very comfortable no longer denying myself necessary self care because others are uneducated about ME. (Did I sound bitter there? I am. It’s inexcusable that so many have this illness and it’s not recognized or validated. )

      My migraine turned into the usual background headache with short periods of 😳 so I’ll take that. The neurologist suggested Botox but I’m still on the fence about that one.

      Looks like it’s been incredibly hot for so many in the UK. Hoping you’re managing okay and able to stay cool. Thank you for your comment and compassion. It really helps to feel heard. I’ve fallen so behind on blog catch up but I’m going to go find your post now. Your posts are always so thought provoking, and well laid out, but it never allows me to comment so I try to ‘like’ them. Take good care, Caz 🤍🌸

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      1. Honestly don’t worry about catching up with my blog at all, you’re not missing anything! Well, unless you want to learn more about masks types, in which case the latest post may be helpful. Skip the rest. Focus on you.

        As for the botox, I’m not sure… it’s not something I’d be too keen on either and yet I’ve read some fairly positive outcomes from those that do have it. But then you also have to factor in cost and that it’s not a one-off thing you can have done, though I’ve no idea how often it would be needed. I refuse to go back to a neurologist after my last experience with one, but all that was suggested to me was that I’d either “grow out of them” age 35 like he did, or to self-fund some acupuncture in my head (an idea that does rather creep me out and I can’t see if being very successful!)

        I wish I could make some amazing suggestions for what you could try Mishka, but I’ve no idea, mine just seem to get worse with frequency these days and I get the daily background headaches like you get as well. Maybe we should both try Botox and compare outcomes? We may still have migraines but we may also have the forehead of an 18 year old! 😂 xx

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      2. Haha 😁 Forehead of an 18 year old, that cracked me up! The truth is I used to follow a sweet little special needs boy on FB, well his mom’s posts. The last treatment I remember him having before he passed was Botox in his hands to combat stiffness. His passing was sudden and unexpected. Terribly sad. I remember thinking no Botox for me. It may be great for some, especially those who are otherwise fit (like the people in the drug trials) but I am not one of those people. I used to work in a law office that handled a variety of patent types, one was pharmaceutical. I learned some about what it takes for a drug to get to market. None of it was comforting.

        I’m so sorry to hear about the neurologist. Absolutely ridiculous. I’ve seen 4 (same office but they rotate). They all say something different. Actually I did see another one (outside their office) for a second opinion and he said their MRI readings were incorrect, that it did show abnormalities. At some point it alls feels pointless/ridiculous, doesn’t it.

        I’m sincerely hoping your migraines let up. Or some wonder drug (that they test on all types of people, not just triathletes 😁) with no side effects is created. A girl can dream. 😊 Hoping today is a peaceful one for you 🤍

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