Did you know it’s World Watercolor Month?

Welcome back! Nice of you to stop by. 🙂 If you’re a regular around here, you know I post my little watercolor doodles at the end of every post. Since I’m not certain I’ve ever taken the time to clarify where the doodle ideas come from, I thought I’d take a moment and explain. For the past several years I’ve been following along with World Watercolor Groups daily prompts on Instagram. It’s an awesome community filled with artists from all over the world, and (thankfully for me) literally all skill levels are welcome. I can honestly say that since becoming chronically ill and housebound, coming across this incredible group of people has been the absolute silver lining (you won’t hear me say that about much else). Not only have I learned so much from them, but they’ve been incredibly supportive of my attempts at art.

During the month of July, World Watercolor Month, Charlie, the creator, holds a non-profit event in partnership with The Dreaming Zebra Foundation to help raise awareness for arts education to help get art supplies out to underprivileged kids who need them. If you’re interested in learning more, please click here or check out the below Facebook page.

(If the below link isn’t loading to a Facebook page, please click link for more details from Doodlewash on World Watercolor Month.)

Please feel free to join in, not just in July but any time! There are no rules, no requirements. You paint what you want (you don’t have to follow the prompts), when you can, and use his hashtags so other people can follow along if they want. I think one of the neatest parts is seeing how everyone interprets the prompts. If you want to come take a look at all my little doodles check out ‘seaside.spoonie’ on Instagram.

Thank you for stopping in today! Hoping you can join in; art is incredibly good for the brain! Take good care and stay safe. 🌼

4 thoughts on “Did you know it’s World Watercolor Month?

  1. Such a great idea to rally a community vibe for creativity & give people a little inspiration. I’ve been following you lovely doodles for a while now on your blog & Insta and they always bring a smile to my face. You’re very talented! xx

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