You’re doing it…right.

Well hi, thanks for stopping by! How’s your day going? Hopefully best as possible. How’s mine going? Well, I forgot it was Tuesday, I’m pretty sure gravity has glued me to my bed, and even with my glasses on my eyes feel like they’re looking through frosted glass. So there’s that. Am I letting it get me down, not too much. The temperatures have cooled outside and for that I’m beyond thankful. Not much to say today, but I did want to pop on and share one thought.

As we all know, chronic illnesses have symptoms, so many freaking symptoms, but just because you have the same diagnoses or symptom as someone else doesn’t mean it’s going to affect you the same as it would them. We are all made up of different DNA; our bodies interpret things differently. The individual path through chronic illness is as varied as each individual body’s response to illness. Just because someone else has different symptoms, or handles symptoms differently, or they have different responses to medications doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong, or vice versa, they’re doing it wrong. I guess what I’m saying is, cut yourself some slack, you’re doing the best you can, we are all just doing our best. We were dealt a hand we didn’t want, one we weren’t prepared for, and no matter how we choose to deal with our illnesses, it’s what’s right for each of us individually. Oh and just a reminder, don’t let other people (friends, family, health care professionals) try tell you your experiences aren’t valid, you know your body. Okay stepping off my soapbox 😉 take good care or yourselves this week. Sending hope for the best health possible and that your days pass seamlessly.

A few more doodles as I following along with World Watercolor Groups daily prompts. Only a couple are new this week as I’ve not been well enough to paint daily.

10 thoughts on “You’re doing it…right.

    1. 😁 🍿 Popcorn is very high in fiber and packed with nutrients. Go for it! 😁 Mine’s made on the stove top with avocado oil and then Trader Joe’s everything bagel seasoning, or garlic salt, or paprika and hymalian salt, or lowrys season salt. If you’re like hmmm…yeah I eat a lot of popcorn because it’s often the only thing that doesn’t give me a tummy ache. Anyway, hoping there’s a new idea in there for you. 😊


  1. Such sweet paintings as always, Mishka.

    I’m really glad you posted your thoughts on this because I wholeheartedly agree. This advice – “cut yourself some slack, you’re doing the best you can, we are all just doing our best” – is so spot on, but sometimes I think we need someone else to tell us because we get so caught up in negative cycles of beating ourselves up. Much like how medication affects us all differently, the way we handle our conditions vary. We have different financial support, different social support, different things we have to balance in our lives. Different personalities that affect our outlook. Different pain experiences, different symptoms even if they seem similar on paper. All we can do is our best to manage and live our lives with the cards we’re dealt. Very well said, Mishka!

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    1. Thank you, Caz 💙 You’re so right. Especially recently, we’re all just doing our best. The pandemic put an added layer of stress on people, making it especially stressful for all of us with underlying health conditions. It feels like so many of us are feeling likely we’re throwing caution to the wind.

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