Taking a Physical Health Break

Thank you for stopping in.🌸 I have been posting here on Tuesdays for a few years now no matter what the toll was it took on body. Sometimes I posted from my phone, flat on my back. I did this because I wanted to show how much this illness fluctuates, how there are good days and bad ones. Unfortunately, my physical health has been in a downward decline this year, which has left me with less and less energy. My heart rate is ranging further and further outside where is should be (30s to 160s) and my vertigo and dizziness are constant now, as well as so many other symptoms. Blogging is something I do enjoy doing but it’s something I know is taking energy that I need to allot to things like having the energy to eat. I anticipate coming back in October (hopefully closer to my baseline) to at least check in, and hopefully pick back up on Tuesdays but I just don’t know at this point. Oh and if you’re stopping just to see my silly doodles, which I don’t have the energy to post here today, they are over on Instagram (seaside.spoonie). Take good care out there!

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