Throwing water up in the air to feed the birds…Again

 You know the person in you that dresses up for doctor’s appointments, until you realize that’s actually hurting you because you “look fine”? I forget the actual terminology doctors put in charts, but it seems to be doctor code for … not sure what this person thinks they have but to me they look A-Okay. …

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Disability Hearing Results

Last week I was sitting in my therapists office explaining to her that while many other people on social media say they are thankful for their illness, I cannot seem to reach that state of being. I've so many emotions with regard to being ill, but thankfulness just isn't one of them. It concerns me …

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Truthful Tuesday

Joining in with the lovely Hannah’s #TruthfulTuesdays on Instagram this week to spread awareness of what daily living with a chronic illness really looks like so I'll keep this blog post short, truthful and to the point. I’m kinda all over the place this week for two reasons. One, over the past week it's come to my …

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