‘It is the calm and silent water that drowns a man.’ ~Proverb

Welcome, folks 🙋🏻‍♀️ I was trying not to vent over here on my blog this month, but now it’s bottled up and here it comes, spraying all over the place like a freshly popped bottle of champagne.🍾 Gosh I miss champagne. So, what has me all riled up? I’ll give you one guess… Did you …

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Invisible Illness, Look Again

Well as any good little chronic illness does, mine is flaring like a wildfire on a hot, windy day. I blame Thanksgiving, but there's other stuff going on too, so who really knows. Anyway, in looking through my list of blog ideas I landed on this one...photographs. I'm trying to practice a little self compassion in doing …

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Embracing Thankfulness

There's an emotional depth with most Chronic illness warriors that you won't find amongst the masses.  We literally struggle and fight to survive, to defend ourselves, to keep going on days when others would be curled in bed wishing their sick day would quickly pass. It's my opinion that because of the depths we have to …

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