Fibromyalgia VS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Let’s just open up with the disclaimer that the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I’m not licensed to provide you with anything really, except maybe a ride in the car as I do have a driver’s licenses. Even still I can’t actually drive right now so I guess you’re out of luck …

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Happy Halloween!

I’ve always loved Halloween. In reflection and in total honesty when I was younger the love of Halloween probably was shared equally between an excuse to eat a ridiculous amount of candy and getting to dress up as literally anything I wanted. Then my son came along and it was so much fun dressing him …

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8 Things We Learn With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) turns your world upside down. From my experience and the experiences of others I've encountered on social media, most of us are trying with all our might to stabilize our lives and make things as normal as they once were pre-illness. In this stabilization process we are forced to see so many …

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