Quick Health Update

What is up with this heat? It’s not just here in San Diego either, it seems like it’s widespread. I know, I know it’s Summertime. Where I live it didn’t used to get this hot so homes are not regularly equipped with air conditioners, that includes mine. Do I sound like a whiny brat yet? …

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Blogger Recognition Award

What a lovely surprise to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! I would like to thank Wendi for nominating me! When you have a moment, check out her blog, SimplyChronicallyIll.  It's filled with inspirational and informational content! The ‘rules’ of the Bloggers Recognition Award are (no pressure here, just an opportunity to allow others …

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If I Only Knew Then, What I Know Now

Anyone else have an after Christmas hangover, not the alcohol one, but the overexertion one? What’s not funny is that I spent the day on the couch in my jammies, like literally the entire day. If you are a ‘well person’ and you’re reading this, my brain feels like when something wakes you mid-sleep and …

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