Throwing water up in the air to feed the birds…Again

 You know the person in you that dresses up for doctor’s appointments, until you realize that’s actually hurting you because you “look fine”? I forget the actual terminology doctors put in charts, but it seems to be doctor code for … not sure what this person thinks they have but to me they look A-Okay. …

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Fitbit Charge 2 Review

Let’s get the fine print out of the way. I’m not being paid by fitbit to endorse their product, I’m simply providing my experience and how I’m using the tracker to try and help my body better heal from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (MECFS). I have not discussed using the fitbit with my doctors, but I …

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Get Ready, Get Set, Pace!

Happy first day of Spring to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere! Honestly, Summer is my favorite season, but Spring is a close second. It comes with a promise of warmer weather, longer days, and beautiful blooms. With warmer weather around the corner it will lead many of us chronic illness warriors wishing we …

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