Fibromyalgia + Sugar = Ouch

Let’s just get that red tape out of the way… This is my personal experience. I’m a no-longer-able-to-work-due-to-chronic-illness legal/compliance person, but by no means am I a health care professional, in any way. If you or someone you know have been diagnosed with an unsolved mystery illness, like fibromyalgia (FM), you may have taken to …

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Pacifist Turned Chronic Illness Warrior

There are people with chronic illness that do not like being referred to as warrior’s; I respect that point of view. In fairness, I respect most points of view that don’t in any way hurt anyone or anything. To each his own, right? According to Google’s dictionary a Warrior is a brave or experienced soldier …

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Let Whatever You Do Today Be Enough

Today I'm going to take a bit of my own advice, post some of my past little paintings (some from last week and some from this week), and let that be enough. I'm afraid the holidays have caught up with me. More often than not I will get warning signs of a flare coming on but …

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