Why do you see so many doctors?

Hello there. Thanks for stopping by today. If you’re a fellow spoonie you’re very likely familiar with just how different doctor’s appointments can unfold. You probably have your favorites sorry doctor’s but we do. You’ve probably also been questioned about why you continue to see a doctor if you don’t like the way that person …

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Is it Spring yet?

And just like that, March is just around the corner, bringing the Northern Hemisphere promises of lovely sunshine and budding flowers, and for the Southern Hemisphere, a welcome reprieve of impending cooler temperatures. For many of us in notoriously sunny San Diego, this Winter has been very, very cold. If you’re from back East or …

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Tilt Table Test: My Standpoint

Researching conditions online is something chronic illness patients do. Especially those with illnesses that are not well understood by the medical community. Being a chronic illness patient can leave you feeling rather vulnerable at times, which leads to searching online for answers, for other people on the same path, for understanding, and for confirmation. If …

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