Smile, It’s Good For You

Between ME/CFS Awareness Day (May 12th)/Week (May 11-17)/Month(May) and Mother’s Day, this week has been an emotional doozy for many of us. Mother's Day is always a rough one for me as I lost my mom in '02. She passed of heart failure and incurable anemia but had many of the same symptoms I now …

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Invisible Illness, Look Again

Well as any good little chronic illness does, mine is flaring like a wildfire on a hot, windy day. I blame Thanksgiving, but there's other stuff going on too, so who really knows. Anyway, in looking through my list of blog ideas I landed on this one...photographs. I'm trying to practice a little self compassion in doing …

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8 Things We Learn With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME) turns your world upside down. From my experience and the experiences of others I've encountered on social media, most of us are trying with all our might to stabilize our lives and make things as normal as they once were pre-illness. In this stabilization process we are forced to see so many …

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