Mr. Sandman Bring Me A Dream

To live, literally to be alive, humans must sleep. I’ve read that the brain flushes itself when we are sleeping, a little housekeeping, if you will, while we are in dreamland. I can only assume that without this sleep, and no housekeeping, the brain becomes a toxic wasteland. Again, I’m assuming…I don’t actually know. What I …

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New Beginnings

Have you ever read something but were left wondering - well what happened, how did the story end? I sure have. In an attempt to not leave you hanging after this previous post about my seemingly one-sided tango with my insurance company, I’m going to catch you up with the good news below. To be …

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Unrest, The Movie That Soothed My Soul

I will not be giving any part of the film, Unrest, away below, I’m just sharing my experience. I don’t honestly even know what direction to come at this from as I’m still a bit raw. Last Friday I went to see Unrest…in a theatre. Unrest is an award-winning film about a lady, Jennifer Brea, who …

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